Tuesday, 10 February 2015

#TantalisingTuesday...The Bridge

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200 words

A picture that calls to us.

This called to me.


Wispy tendrils of mist curled and danced around her.
Voices ebbed and flowed.
Some teased, some commanded, all said the same thing.
"Come to us, Tara."
So confusing. How could she decide which way to walk? Not a soul around to help her.
Only mist.
"Tara, now stop this nonsense. You know what to do."
But I don't. That was the problem. Oh she knew who she wanted, but how to get to him?
She stepped to her left. Some voices got louder.
"That's the way. You can do it. A few more steps now. Come to us. We're what you want. What you need."
Even louder was his voice.
"Tara. I need you here. I cannot do this alone. Get back here before I tan your backside in the most non-erotic manner possible. Do it now." The last words held a hint of what? Terror?
Surely not.
She hesitated, turned around and walked towards the voice.
"Come on, sweetheart, a few more steps. That's it. You're almost with me. Open your eyes."
Faces swam round her. One was his.
"Oh love I thought I'd lost you. You've been in that coma for weeks. I panicked you'd never come back."

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  1. Fabulous teaser! I hung on every word longing to know what was going to happen to Tara. I was so relieved with the final sentence

  2. What a great tease. I loved the emotional journey that you took us on. Great work.

  3. What a wonderful take on this photo. I wonder if that is what it is like, being in a coma? I hadn't a clue where you were taking Tara, but the very last line said it all. Very craftily written. You had me from the very beginning. Fabulous, Raven

  4. This is spectacular. I got chills at the end. Great tease!

  5. Truly a piece that was emotional and wonderful.

  6. So emotional. You pulled me right in, Raven. Fantastic teaser :-)

  7. Excellent tease very heart warming and beautifully written

  8. Wow! What a wonderful twist ending! Well done!