Sunday, 4 December 2022

On words that don't make sense

 At the moment I'm writing a rom com. My hero and heroine are Scottish, even though part of the story is set in Hong Kong. I have to be very careful what I write and there is a fair bit of deleting and rewriting when I've maybe put a bit too much dialect in. 

It's a bit like one of my typos, I know what I mean, others might not.

It's all vey well saying things most people understand like wee for tiny, and aye for yes, but when you realise you've a whole conversation with things like 'away and bile yer heid', 'high heid yin', and 'awfy braw', it's time to think, hold on... Maybe less is more.

What do you think? I do like to add 'local colour' because to me it adds to my mental vision of the story, but I know some people aren't keen.

But sorry, if the story is set in the north east of England you'll get a 'why aye,' and in Scotland maybe a bairn.

That's how I work. I guess you could say, I write how I like to read.

Meanwhile back to the last few K of my WIP, where the local pub has told my hero to 'haud yer wheesht'

(source, pinterest)

He has and is not saying a word.

Happy Reading,

love Raven xx