Saturday 31 May 2014

Do you know... Phantom Fears...

Now you do

Phantom Fears – An Evernight Free Read – promo package


As a private investigator with a werewolf girlfriend, Shannon Ryan is used to the unusual. But her latest case has even level-headed Shannon questioning reality. Joyce Bonner swears her daughter is being haunted by a poltergeist. Charlotte Bonner swears she's not. Shannon has one night to uncover the facts behind the supposed supernatural phenomena. Between an over-enthusiastic ghost-hunter and her own scepticism, can she get to the truth?


Charlotte moaned again, mumbling something incoherent and probably rude. She sat up slowly, as if she was moving through tar. “Whassup? S’not time for school.”
            “There was a power cut,” I said in explanation. “We just wanted to make sure you were alright.”
            “I’m fine,” she said irritably. “Just wanna sleep.”
            Esther fussed around her like a mother hen, fiddling with the duvet and muttering about hormones. I was about to tell the au pair to leave Charlotte be when the screaming started.
            I’m not ashamed to admit, I jumped. Esther did too, clutching at the bedpost for support. Charlotte just groaned “What the fuck?” and buried herself under her duvet. I wished I felt so apathetic. It was a woman’s scream, shrill and eerie, and once again I was plunged back into the shadows of Paris. I didn’t want Ayla’s night vision or sense of smell anymore; I just wanted Ayla.
            I sucked in a deep breath and reminded myself forcefully that there was no such thing as ghosts. “We should go find out what that is,” I said, impressed at how calm I sounded. Esther gripped my hand as we left Charlotte’s bedroom and I squeezed her fingers as I would Ayla’s, missing the warmth and reassurance of Ayla’s firm grip.
            Taiki was running down the hall when we came out, a torch in hand. “How amazing is this? Actual manifestation! I can’t wait to see the data!”
            I snatched the torch from him since he was waving it around like a lunatic. The beam wasn’t very bright, but I felt better with a light in my hand. The sound of clanking blended in with the screams now, like some old brass machine full of rusty gears. I gritted my teeth, hating the sound. “Where’s Joyce?” I asked Taiki.
            “In the kitchen. Where’s Charlotte?”
            “In her room, trying to sleep through this racket.” I shone the torch around the hall, not sure what I expected to see. My chest was tight with adrenaline, but the longer I stood here listening to the awful noise, the less nervous I felt. Noise was all it was. No slime dripping down the walls, no apparitions or flying objects. It was surprisingly anti-climactic and I just wanted it to stop. That meant finding out where it came from.
            Without waiting for the others, I ran down to the kitchen, calling Joyce’s name. She sat at the kitchen table, head in her hands. I touched her shoulder lightly and she jumped, slapping my hand away.
            “Shannon! Oh goodness, I’m sorry. I just…my nerves…I can’t take much more of this.”
            “Then let’s stop it,” I said. The noise wasn’t as loud down here, although I still had to raise my voice to be heard. “Let’s get the lights back on, okay? Where’s the circuit board?”
            “In the basement.”
            Of course it was. What horror film scenario was complete without a trip to the basement in the dark? “Right, show me the way then.”

About the Author

My first love as a writer is urban fantasy, quickly followed by werewolf myth and legend. The Urban Wolf series lets me combine the two and put my own spin on them – what more could a girl want? When I'm not writing, I'm probably creating my own perfumes, reading, watching wacky documentaries and/or drinking fancy tea.

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Wednesday 28 May 2014

#MidWeekTease where Martin meets Lady J

Byron grinned and very slowly plaited his hair and tied the end with the ever-present strip of leather he carried.  Martin stared, and swallowed heavily at him. "I'm just getting it ready for you," Byron said, as he made sure the leather thong was secured.
"It makes me want you even more," Martin said in a hoarse voice.
Oh yes. Byron would look forward to that. Just like he'd look forward to playing with the nipple ring that showed as a silver shadow through the fine linen of Martin's shirt. "Hold that thought," he demanded. "Ring your assistant. We're going to be unavoidably detained helping my mother move and won't be back in the office this afternoon."
"Eh? Where's she moving to?" It was no wonder Martin sounded bewildered. A rush of heat to Byron's cock had made Byron make it all up.
"The train, her hotel, the French Riviera? Nowhere, you idiot, but we are. Into my bedroom, at the very least. For a little session of cocking?"
"Okay, but what's cock fighting got to…ah, fucker." Martin bumped Byron on the shoulder with his knuckles. "Shall we toss for it? Who's the tosser and who's the fucker?"
A dig in the ribs made Martin jump. A tall, well-dressed, middle-aged lady stood behind them, her umbrella point held toward Martin.
"Young man, your language is not of the standard I'd expect from a male who wears his suit as elegantly as you do. Surely you were taught that to cuss so eloquently is the sign of an uneducated, vocabulary-challenged yob?"
Byron smothered a grin as Martin flushed a deep red and swallowed again. "Yes, Ma'am. I'm so sorry. He infuriated me." He looked bewildered at the fact a perfect stranger had accosted them in the street.
The tip of the umbrella swerved in Byron's direction and he moved his hand over his groin in a protective gesture.
"Hey, ma, watch that, it's a lethal weapon." Byron wrapped his fingers around the metal tip and angled it away from the sensitive, going to be needed before long, area of his body. The gimlet stare reminded Byron of his ex-headmistress when she couldn't get any volunteers for litter duty. No one could do it as well, except his parent. He stood back and waited for what happened next.

She ignored him and addressed Martin. "He frequently infuriates me as well, but I find a hard stare works so much better than an expletive. And may I say in answer to your question … take turns." She flicked her umbrella out of Byron's grip with what looked like a practiced movement, and tapped it on the pavement. "Don't let him ride roughshod over you. If he's going to ride you, make it work for you, not against you."


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Sunday 25 May 2014

#SexySnippets Where Martin and Byron discover what a man wants from a man...

It's Sunday again. That means time for #SexySnippets. 

One a week, on a Sunday a group of writers chose seven sentences from one of their books, or a WIP. you're very welcome to join. Sigh up is from Tuesday to Saturday midnight, UK time, on 

(and you can check all this weeks #SexySnippets out there as well)

This week, to celebrate the release of P.A. Partner this coming Wednesday, I'm snippeting from there.

AND showing off my gorgeous cover...

"But a good set of balls and a cock that knows how to play isn't enough," Byron said as he pulled off the strip of leather that held his long blond hair off his face. "I need at least a modicum of interest in me, and not just my wallet." He ran his hand through the strands and tugged on a tangle. Martin almost salivated—he'd fantasized about doing that. A thick plait, and an Armani suit. What more could a man ask for? Well, apart from his hands unthreading the plait and the suit slowly being discarded.

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Friday 23 May 2014

#flasherfictionfriday, it's not what you've got...

One picture, several authors, lots of flashes...

This is mine...

"I feel an ass. Why should I have to say, hey here is a nipple. They are sensitive, just like a woman's?"
She circled him with her camera.
"Stop moaning. This is important."
"Yeah yeah. Just so some ignorant women know how to turn men on."
"You want a woman to miss out giving you that extra thrill? Letting you have that sensual seductive and downright turn on of a finely teased nipple? Ignoring everything except your cock? That's the cornet without the ice cream."

"Hell yeah. He raised his voice and shouted. "Hey ladies, these are nipples. We love 'em touched."

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Wednesday 21 May 2014

#MidWeekTease... And Byron and Martin get it...

It's tease time again. Time for a group of  authors to tease you with our mid week snippet from a book or WIP.

This is from P.A. Partner, which will be published later this month from Evernight Publishing.

He turned and before Martin had time to draw breath, he felt Byron's lips on his. He opened his mouth to welcome Byron's tongue and scented the fresh minty smell of after-dinner mints, combined with the deep warm aroma of red wine.
Byron groaned and the sound reverberated around Martin's throat. Martin dragged Byron closer. Uncaring of the fact they hadn't got past the front hall, he ground his hard, erect, and sadly, still clothed, cock against Byron's long hard length.
"Fuck, Martin." Byron panted. He pulled Martin's shirt from his waistband and slid his hands upward across Martin’s chest until he reached his nipples. Then he pinched.
The combination of the goose bumps he raised on Martin's sensitive chest, plus the short, sharp nip to the tiny, hard nubs made Martin groan, "Fuck it more."
 "I had intended to at least woo you into bed. But I'll be hard pressed to get past the first stair." Byron's fingers teased and stroked Martin, until Martin's mind was a rainbow of colors and sensations and not much else.
Oh yeah, I so agree. Martin swallowed hard to help eradicate the dryness in his throat. His mouth was hollow, and he needed to show he had the same ideas, to say please I want it all and to explain everything that went through his mind. He couldn't form the thoughts let alone the sentences. He went for basics instead.
"Fuck's the word. Soon, fast, now, here. Stair this time, bed next?" Martin moved his hands to the button on the waistband of Byron's trousers, and fumbled with the metal closure behind it. He slid his hand between Byron's cock and the zip. The last thing he wanted was to pinch the skin.
"Yeah, oh shit, my hand’s shaking. Breathe in." Martin felt Byron's hands on his zip, the sides of the material parted, and then Martin's cock sprung free and waved hello. The cool air did nothing to deflate it.
Byron laughed. "Oh, nice. Commando, ready, willing, and able." He bent and moved to use his hot tongue to lave the length.
Martin shivered and his skin stung with tiny pinpricks of delight. Damned if he couldn't come just from that one long caress. He bit his tongue to stop himself flying over the abyss, and concentrated on taking Byron's trousers and boxers off. It was damned hard when his pre-cum trickled along his length and Byron licked it like it was the nectar of the gods.
The head of Byron's dick caught in his clothes and Martin swore as he released it. It was taking too much time.
Byron lifted his head and let Martin's prick drop with a gentle thud against Martin's leg. Byron kicked his trousers and underwear away from his ankles. Martin took hold of Byron's prick and stroked it. He used the tiny drops of pre-cum that slid down the head, to lubricate the length.
"Shit, I need lube. I want to fuck you, Mart. Deep, hard and long. But I need a rubber and lube. They're upstairs."
"Then many hands make light work and we can go heavy later?" Martin kept up a slow steady stroke. "And we have four hands, two mouths and anything else we can think of." He used his own mouth to add extra lubrication to Byron's cock.
"True. Strip."
Martin lifted his head. "Sure? Cos I'm somewhat occupied at the moment."
"Oh, I'm sure. I have a need to see you bollocks naked. Oh, and to see your bollocks." Byron laughed deep in his throat. That sexy, sensual noise hitched Martin's libido even higher.
Byron slid back a few inches and moved his hands to the buttons of his shirt. "Last one naked is a sissy. Winner choses what happens."
Martin sniggered. "You've got a head, or should that be, a cock's start." He slid his trousers down his legs and hopped around to get them off his feet whilst he dealt with shirt buttons and cufflinks. Byron deliberately toyed with the last button holding his shirt together. Then, just as Martin threw his second cufflink onto the hall table, Byron took off his shirt and stood buck-naked in front of Martin. He did a little shimmy and his erect cock swayed in time to the flick of his hips. It was stupid and fun. Martin couldn't remember the last time he felt so horny and so carefree at the same time. Sex was supposed to be heat-inducing, spine-tingling, cum-gathering, enjoyment, and he realized it hadn't been. Not for ages.
"I win. I chose me in you. In our bed." Byron raised his fists in the air in a victory wave. "Oh yeah."

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