Sunday, 25 May 2014

#SexySnippets Where Martin and Byron discover what a man wants from a man...

It's Sunday again. That means time for #SexySnippets. 

One a week, on a Sunday a group of writers chose seven sentences from one of their books, or a WIP. you're very welcome to join. Sigh up is from Tuesday to Saturday midnight, UK time, on 

(and you can check all this weeks #SexySnippets out there as well)

This week, to celebrate the release of P.A. Partner this coming Wednesday, I'm snippeting from there.

AND showing off my gorgeous cover...

"But a good set of balls and a cock that knows how to play isn't enough," Byron said as he pulled off the strip of leather that held his long blond hair off his face. "I need at least a modicum of interest in me, and not just my wallet." He ran his hand through the strands and tugged on a tangle. Martin almost salivated—he'd fantasized about doing that. A thick plait, and an Armani suit. What more could a man ask for? Well, apart from his hands unthreading the plait and the suit slowly being discarded.

Happy Reading,

Love R x


  1. A man in a suit. Yummy snippet. I love the cover, Raven.

  2. *Drools all over keyboard while re-reading the snippet several times* I want him. And the cover is sexy, but I want him in an Armani suit and with that long hair... drool.