Tuesday 13 May 2014

Thoughts for Tuesday...where I ponder on my week home alone...

Hi all, hope your week is going well...

Last week I was home alone so to speak. Well the cat and I. Hubby was away for work, and Smudge (the cat not the hubby) and I settled into our ususal routine of H A. (home alone).

Well actually that should be non-routine.

After the first day of wandering round and eating too much chocolate, drinking copious cups of cofee and making lists I lose, things settle down. But I've just thought of the last week and realised how I change things around. Not physical things but the little lets do this now, that gets done, then stuff.

For a start, when I'm H A I eat when I fancy. Yes, I suppose feeding times (I sound like the zoo) are roughly the same. However as hubby doesn't get home until early evening most days we don't have our main meal until mid evening. When I'm H A I eat earlier. No that's a lie. I eat earlier, later, any old time. I should qualify my statement and say I eat my main meal earlier. (And I can keep the chocolate in the fridge and not hear the incredulous "Have you eaten all that chocolate already?" (The answer is usually, "yes." After all what's the point of having chocolate and not eating it?)

I'm never the best of sleepers. Don't know why. Old age? An overactive imagination? Whatever it is I can wake up every hour all night sometimes. When hubby is at home I either suffer in silence, or get up and find another bed. (That's not as bad as it sounds. Generally there's only us in the house, plus Smudge, and his bed isn't big enough for me.) When I'm H A I get up, make tea, take it back to bed, read, write, raid the biscuit tin (a bad one that), do the crossword etc etc. Before I know where I am it's three hours later and I'm ready to sleep when I should get up.

See that's the funny thing. The getting up bit. Whether I've slept or not, I still tend to wake up, admit I'm not asleep or whatever, and get up about the same time. I wonder what it's like to snooze the day away in bed?

I'll also admit to the odd (no, not odd, very nice) glass of wine. But (looks round shiftily to make sure hubby isn't listening) it tends to be from a rather good bottle. Oops. Well how am I supposed to know? (we'll ignore the fact I read labels and check and well...)

We have a rule, I suppose you can call it. That we both work during the day, Monday to Friday and unless it's an emergency, not during the evenings or weekends. Otherwise we'd never see each other, speak to each other, or well...*blush* 

However on my home alone times, that goes out of the window. I write when I feel like it. The upshot last week, was I wrote around 30k on the WIP plus all the other bits and bobs a write from home author does. Flashes, emails, can you just write to/ring/check out and make a note of/shout at for me stuff. 

I even managed to clear out the wardrobe, get three bags of clothes, handbags and shoes for the charity shop, sort a box of books for the Doctor's surgery, weed the patio, and walk every day.

Good grief, I'll need this week to recover!

So hubby is back this week, and I've slipped back into my routine without a problem. Weird that, but hey ho, I won't complain. I have so much admiration for those people who stay at home with or without children, whilst their other half is away for weeks and months, (I was thinking armed forces personnel and families here) and have to swap a long standing routine for another one. 

What do you think?

(Oh and I'm still tapping away at the WIP, just not quite at all hours, and I'm lacking chocolate.)


WIP (word vomit)

Her mind went blank. Coherent thought disappeared, as she rode the waves of ecstasy.
How long she was in the throes of her arousal Debra had no idea. When she finally stopped shuddering and opened her eyes, her head was on Daniels chest, which she noted with satisfaction was heaving like a tugboat in a gale.
"Whew." What an insipid exclamation for something so out of the world.  Sadly her tired brain couldn't come up with anything less mundane.
"Yeah." As ever Daniel played with her hair and stroked her cheek and throat.
She'd have to ask him if in the lieu of worshipping toes, he had a fetish about her head instead. Later.
"You complete me Deb. I can't think of any other way to say it."
Those simple words made her swell up and sniff. "Oh my. And you me."
 He cuddled her closer. "Just as well really." He was silent for a moment and Debra was content just to stay as they were. "Listen it's stopped raining. We'd better make a move before the next storm rolls in. There might not be another convenient place to shelter, and we don't want to get all soaked and have a damp ferry ride back."
Debra giggled as she reluctantly moved of his chest and sat up. She looked around and found her top.

"Oh that's okay. I have a raincoat."

Have a great week,

Love R x


  1. Great snippet, Raven. It's funny how we all have our little routines that adapt as they have to.

  2. It is funny how we are linked to our routines in one way or another. Loving this WIP x