Tuesday, 9 July 2019

the Gluten Free Author's Guide to Suitcase Snacks (also known as essentials) #GlutenFreeAuthor

Hi all, or the three people and a kitten who are reading this. I'm back and chatting.

This time about snacks in your suitcase. Both carry on and hold luggage I guess.

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I've been lucky enough to travel quite a bit over the last few years and discovered what I need, gluten free wise in different places.

(Trader Joe's, California)

Originally it was half of the suitcase full of food. You can imagine what it was like when both myself and my daughter went away. Two lots of everything. Poor lovely hubby discovered that his suitcase was once again half full of my clothes. (Originally it had been because I took at least a book a day to read and they took up a lot of space. Now it's a couple of paperbacks and my kindle.)

Over the years gluten free food is getting ever more available. Long haul flights you can opt for a gluten free meal that nowadays isn't just a rice cake, melon, melon, half a grape and melon, and overcooked chicken. Okay it is still mainly overcooked chicken and melon but you get a roll most of the time now. 

However short haul... Yes well, that's when hand luggage goodies are needed.

I invested in a small cool bag, that takes a sandwich, cookie, or chocolate and fruit. It might not be haute cuisine but it's better than watching everyone else tucking into whatever the airline has to sell you (very few free snacks these days)

I always have a couple of these bars handy.  (Tesco)

They taste good and are filling. (and darn it my gluten eating lovely hubby likes them as well. The problem is I can only find one shop in a 30 mile radius that sells them.

Mind you I was overjoyed when I heard more gluten free sarnies could be had airside at some outlets. (As long as you've taken out a second mortgage ;) )

However this is about what I call my suitcase essentials. The things I'm not sure about getting abroad so shove them inside. (Usually Nairn's fruit and oat bars, or Nobbly bars) As I said earlier more food is available elsewhere nowadays. I don't have to worry about things like bread or biscuits, unless I'm in a hotel and I'm not sure they do gluten free bread. Most seem to these days, but I have had one run out sad face, and one assure me all their bread was gluten free. When I asked if they knew what I meant I was told 'No but I'm sure we don't have it!!!' That was a few years ago, and nowadays it seems to be, 'no, no call for it', 'no sorry', or 'well of course'. I prefer the latter!

I do however always take a toasting bag or two with me. (Two since the day the maid threw one out thinking it was rubbish.) With the bag I have a good chance of getting toast with my breakfast. It also gets a lot of comments whenever I use it in a hotel.

So, apart from enough food for the first day or so, because, let's face it the last thing you want to do when you arrive anywhere is go food shopping because you have nothing to eat, my suitcase is now full of clothes.

So why, the lovely hubby has just asked, do I still half fill his?

Happy holidays,

love Raven xx