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 Wow, Wednesday again...

As Kristin is now on Amazon, I thought a tease from there was appropriate...

“Oh ho, it’s the got-to-be-Domme Kristin McCrory.”
Oh sweet hades. That bloody voice.
Kristin swore and bit her lip before she turned and stared, wooden-faced at the tall, drop dead, play your cards right and you can have me, up his own ass guy, who stood well inside her personal space. She forced herself not to take a step back. This close she could smell his spicy cologne. The one that reminded her of him and...
Do not go there.
“How are you sweet cheeks? How’s the Domme-ing going?” With one smooth movement, he lifted aviator sunglasses from his face and held them in one hand. Overlong dark curly hair teased the nape of his neck and danced over his high cheekbones. His eyes flashed with something dangerous, and in no way could the smile that played across his lips be called pleasant. “You got it sussed yet?” He tilted his head to one side in a manner she remembered so well. Although she preferred the memory where his dark blue eyes sparkled like the water that flowed close by, and his lips turned up at the edges. It wasn’t something she’d seen often and that made the memory all the sweeter.
If I start, I’ll never stop. Sweet cheeks for god’s sake.

The Dommes of Ballingal: Kristin 9
“Yes, thank you. Excuse me, I have to go, the ferry’s about to leave.” She turned toward the gangplank. To her annoyance he fell into step beside her.
“Yeah, I know. Let’s go up together.” He took her arm. Kristin shook him off.
“Let’s not.”
He grinned and shook his head. “Tut, tut, Mrs. McCrory. Is that anyway to greet your not-seen-for-ages husband?”
She looked him up and down.
“Well now, let me see.” She made her voice level and unforgiving. “Are you ready to admit you’re a sub?”
He went white and shook his head. If he hadn’t pissed her off so much in the past, she might have had some sympathy for him. Now she just hoped if he fainted and fell into the water someone would throw him a life buoy.
“Oh no, that’s not me, sweet cheeks.”
Kristin stood at the bottom of the gangplank, oblivious to the deckhand who stared at her, and waited for them to get on the boat. She hardened her heart.
“Then I guess it is the way to greet you.” She turned and walked up the steep slope and onto the deck. “And you're not my husband.” In some ways you never were.
She didn’t know whether to be happy or disappointed when he didn’t follow her. 

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