Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dianne's drooped in...

I've nabbed the lovely Dianne Hartsock along with...

Shall I kidnap her until she's tells us more?

Glad I 'persuaded' her to stay a while.

Hi Dianne, pull up a chair, choose your beverage and cookie and let's chat..

*waves* Hi Raven and everyone! so...

Love and Lust. *shrugs* What's the difference?

 I've given it a lot of thought during this month of love. You know, I have a hard time separating the two. I mean, I know what lust is! Why do you think I write erotic romances? Lots of beautiful people out there feeding all kinds of wicked fantasies in my head.
But I've never been able to be seriously attracted to someone without thoughts of love quickly following. It's impossible for me to think about being with someone without also wanting it to last more than a night or two. I simply can't separate my emotions from the very pleasurable act of love.
I want love too! With wine and roses and walks in the rain and romance by the fireplace. Deep sigh.
So what's a hopeless romantic like me to do in a world where people seem to change lovers like they do their socks? Why, marry the man of my dreams and indulge in both! Then take it one step further and mix this beautiful ideal of love and lust in my writing.
I have two m/m erotic romances out this month, and though there's plenty of healthy lust flying about, there's also the underlying theme of true love and HEA in these stories. After all, it's what romance is all about!


Willie has met an old flame, but is he willing to give up the decadence of Boston society for the man he loves?
For the past three years William Wilkerson has led the life of the privileged rich. Head of his father’s shipping business, Willie indulges in the pleasures of Boston’s fine young men to his heart’s content. That is, until he meets Fredrick, the one man who has captured his heart, again.
As his former tutor, Fredrick has been declared off limits by William’s father. Fredrick also believes he's beneath the attention of Wilkerson’s heir. Willie disagrees, but is he willing to throw away rank and privilege for the man he loves?

Fredrick held up his glass and stared at the candle's flame through the amber liquid. He took a sip, savored the rich, biting taste on his tongue. He welcomed the burn down his throat. This was the very last drink he could afford, and he had to make it last.
A giggle erupted from the booth in the corner, the one whose curtains were drawn against curious eyes. A smile tugged at Fredrick's lips despite the dire state of his wallet. The laugh had been carefree, joyous, naughty. Fredrick shifted on the cushioned bench. Only a few straggling customers remained in the dining room. He wondered if any of them would notice if he shifted his cramped cock as it throbbed in sympathy with the bright laughter.
Rather than risk it, he watched the fruit vender outside the window beguile a customer. Another giggle and stifled moan swiveled his attention back to the corner. A silk-clad foot and slim calf peeked beneath the curtain. He grinned even as the delectable sight emphasized his own loneliness. It had been far too long since he'd had someone in his bed.
"Excuse me. Sir?"
Fredrick looked up, distracted from his memory of lush lips and white skin and wide, hazel eyes, and blinked at the stout innkeeper at his elbow. "Yes?"
A frown fleeted across the man's homely face at another bout of laughter from the corner. "If they're disturbing you, I can have Wee Willie take his guest upstairs. Excuse me, I mean Mister Wilkerson." The man broke off, flustered by the slip of the tongue.
Fredrick's heart leaped on hearing the name mentioned. Is William really here? How could that be? The innkeeper coughed, and Fredrick frowned at the intrusion into his thoughts. The man was so damned serious about such a minor indiscretion. "They're no bother. In fact, I'm almost done anyway." He lifted his nearly empty glass. Hearing a shout, they looked over in time to see a young man tumble through the curtains onto the floor. Fredrick caught a glimpse of red hair and an embarrassed cheek before the gentleman crammed a hat on his head and strode passed them, face averted. The innkeeper shrugged and followed, likely to be sure he paid for his drinks.
Fredrick stared at the silk-clad foot still protruding from the parted curtains. He loosened his hold on his glass but had no way to stop the wild hammering of his heart. Before he lost his courage, he stood and swallowed the last of his brandy, then walked the short distance to the booth.


A terrible car accident has left Tris’ parents dead and his sister paralyzed. The town blames his drinking. Aiden has left him. Hoping that time heals all wounds, Tris brings Aiden a birthday gift, made with love. A small crack opens in Aiden’s heart, but is it wide enough to let Tris back in? Can Tris find forgiveness for his fatal mistake and regain Aiden’s love, or must he leave all he loves behind to find peace?

It had been three fucking months. Aiden had to talk to him, give him a hint of that gorgeous smile he lived for. Shit. What if Aiden wasn’t alone?
Tris locked his bike at the empty stand and tucked wisps of light hair behind his ears with a shaky hand. Aiden’s red Fiat sat in its space outside his apartment door. At least he was home this morning. He could easily be spending his birthday with someone else.
Paling at the thought, Tris slung his pack on his shoulder and walked to the door. He had nothing to lose at this point. He didn’t expect much, but maybe they could talk. Clear the air. Tris missed him. God, he’d suffered hell. Months of empty days and long, achy nights without his lover.
He rapped on the door and his heart sank when he heard voices and a soft laugh inside. Jealousy bit through him, but he shoved it away. Didn’t matter. He’d brought Aiden a gift and he’d be damned if he was leaving without delivering it.
He lifted his hand, then dropped it to his side and laughed without humor. He’d worn his best jacket too. As if Aiden would be impressed with anything he did. He set the backpack at his feet and carefully removed the small tissue-wrapped box.
He hefted it in his hand, heavier than it looked, and gently stroked a thumb over it. Damn. All of his love and yearning had gone into this gift he’d promised Aiden on one of their hikes in the forest outside town. Tris’s breath quickened as he recalled the exact moment, Aiden naked and sweaty in his arms, Tris’s spent cock in his hot ass. He rolled to his back when Aiden nudged him with his elbow. “What…”
“Didn’t you feel that?” Aiden’s hand dove under the jackets they were lying on and came up with the offending knot of wood. He rubbed his side. “Bet I get a bruise.”
“Fuck. I’m sorry.” Tris reached for the chunk, but Aiden shrugged and tossed it with their backpacks.
“Make me something with it,” Aiden ordered. They both looked up at a piercing cry. A hawk swooped over the treetops. “Carve him for me.”
Tris glanced at his darling and his heart flipped over. Aiden’s dark hair stood in wild disarray around his beautiful face. Tris leaned close and sucked the beckoning full bottom lip into his mouth. He groaned, recalling the silver hoop in the luscious flesh sliding over his dick earlier.
Aiden murmured approval and his tongue dove in, the silver ball in its center grazing the roof of Tris’s mouth, sending a shiver of lust through him. He gripped Aiden’s hair, holding him in place as their tongues twined and fenced.

Now aren't you glad I persuaded her to stay?

Happy Reading,

 love, R x


  1. Both books sound fab! On my TBR pile now :)

  2. Thanks for having me over, Raven! Have I told you lately how much I love your books?

  3. Nice views on love and lust - and glad you married the man of your dreams!