Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tantalizing Tuesdays

I've had this picture for ages, and knew there was a story in it. however It only hit me at 3am, so here it is...

The glove mocked her…
Dare she?
She picked it up and smelled the warm toasty aroma of leather, before she held it to her cheek. The chill of the material cooled her overheated skin. As she slid it over her shoulder and into the valley between her breasts she sighed. A ripple of arousal trickled through her.
She moved her hand lower letting the fingers if the glove stroke her, tease her and surround her curls as she ventured ever lower.
Her body clenched, could she?
"Let me." The softly spoken words ticked her ear, as the glove was taken from her.
The hairs on her arms stood up as the recipient used the leather to trace a juice-inducing path from her neck and down her back.
With a nip to her lovers ear, the recipient followed the delicate curve of her lovers  spine, and delved into the enticing depth of the cleft between her buttocks. The shudder she saw was all she wanted…for now. The sweet moans of arousal, lifted her spirits. She was wanted.
They could wait.
She put the glove back onto its cloth of scarlet.

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  1. OOhh, you tease. I need to know more!!

  2. Me too! That was so erotic I was disappointed not to be able to read more. Great teaser

  3. Very hot and erotic. Perfectly written piece. Would love to hear about 'later'

  4. Very vivid. I love the imagery of leather caressing bare skin. What a tease :D


  5. definitely a slow tantalizing tease, well done. I would really like to see where you could go with this if you had another couple of hundred words to work with.

  6. Fabulous story, especially the anti-climax. I read each word carefully, wanting to find out who it was that she imagined held the glove.

  7. No not later! I want it now! Loved the sensuality of this piece!

  8. Very spicy. I got a little confused on who, if anyone, was WEARING the glove...

  9. I WANT more please!!!!!! I cant wait....

  10. Sublime description. You evoke an intense erotic atmosphere and suggest a delicious relationship here.

  11. Aw, you got me all excited here and then "later"? Great tease. That was the best!