Monday 1 August 2011

well blink and you missed it

SO:- that was summer, this wonderful week of warmth, we'e just had Summer 2011 in Scotland. and for Scotland oh boy was it warm Not only did the midges come out in droves, so did the backpacking tourists, asking the way to the village, and the white hairy legs of local men who normally only show them to the world to get them burnt in Benidorm!

And of course us. Ipod dock, chill out music, sparkling wine and mmm mm. Make the most of it while you can. Just as well It's raining again today.

But it does make me realise, why carpe diem is so important. Seize the Day, whichever day, every day. Do your best, don't go to bed thinking I wish, think wow I did instead. It is so sad when you realise you've had a day with nothing positive in it. I've made myself a wee promise. At the end of each day, I will think of at least one positive thing I have done, and one positive thing that has happened, be it managed to write 500 words, or I saw a woodpecker, to there was a rainbow over the village and my granddaughter giggled down the phone.

Remember, think positive, don't send negative waves.

Seize your Day!

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