Wednesday, 24 August 2011

and I write .......... When?

Now, there's a question....

Which truly deserves an answer.

so:- here it is.

Whenever, however.  Yup, I blog, tweet, Fb, Fb author page etc etc... but I do write. Because if I don't write, how can I do everything else? All the other sums of the part are because I write.

I have a lovely O.H. who is now used to the extension of his wife's arm... called appropriately enough (cos we live in Scotland), MAC. Always attached, rarely alone, and always beeping. To say nothing of the dust bunnies going forth and multiplying under our bed, on the kitchen floor. lounge sofa's etc etc.

And so when do I write? 3am and wake up? Write. Sat in the car waiting for OH? Write. Half an hour and waiting for dinner? Write. To say nothing of my ... iron 3 shirts write... iron 2 shirts write... oh sod it write.!

Yup you've got it I write. How on earth I managed to deny myself this I can not imagine. I write. I love to write... I live to write.. Yeah, I am a writer.

However, this needs to be tempered with the fact, I am a mother, a grandma, and a wife. Of a OH with a high powered job. So I have several hats, and each is worn with pride.

 But deep down, I know, I am a writer!


  1. I have this image in my head now of you with iron in one hand Mac in the other, lol.

  2. Love the post. That's how I feel, now if I can just figure out how to take a shower and not get my Mac wet...

  3. LOL, Raven. My dust bunnies have started a colony under my bed... I should totally be charging them rent. If I can pull myself from my writing long enough, of course! ;D

  4. Wlynnchantale.... Well I've got a waterproof cover for my kindle, so surely, before long????