Monday 1 August 2011

Competitions ... build me up buttercup or knock me down with a sledgehammer?

Morning All.... welcome to a new week!

Someone asked me the other day, what I found hardest about writing.

Was it the characters? The plot? 
The discipline of actually sitting down at the computer? 
Well no (Although none of the above are easy!) Actually-I think the hardest thing about writing, is you are baring your soul for others to see. (others may disagree, that's part of the fun.)
Remember when you are commenting 'Tread softly-for you tread on my dreams!' In one competition I took part in, one person's  comments were so negative, they did more harm than good. 
We all we'll get criticisms, but make it constructive, not destructive please. 
Encouragement helps us to keep our dreams intact, to give us the strength to carry on, to find our mistakes, take on board what we have been told, and fix it!
And then hopefully, it's that email with “We would like to offer you..... Rather than... Thank you, but...”
Remember our dreams... Tread softly. Ditch the stiletto’s  use your flip-flops!

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