Monday, 25 July 2011

pushing.... always pushing!


I've realised how much we try to cram in each day. Always there is something else to do, see, ignore. Sometimes we are so busy, we need to shout-loudly- HEY Stop. Stop the roller coaster, and let me off. Please, just for a wee while let me just 'be'. Smell the daisies, enjoy the silence, experience the small things, do something just for ourself. Stop pushing!

This is a reaction to my deal with myself today. If I do some ironing I will then write. this is my incentive, and also my get off the roller coaster point. Writing, relaxes me-not. Writing pleases me even when it infuriates me. my characters are part of me, when I finish a M/S I'm lost until the next characters start nagging at me to tell their stories. I daren't count how many notebooks, sticky notes, scraps of paper I keep where I have jotted down lines, plots and machinations I want to remember.

We have had a day or two (Well remember this IS Scotland) of sunshine, so my other indulgence came to the fore- reading. With no guilt trip for ignoring other things. I have decided life is to enjoy. there are things we MUST do (like the ironing), but to be true to ourselves, we HAVE to enjoy the gift of life given to us.

True Raven Ramblings today, I know, but I'm happy with today's meandering mind. I've done some ironing, will do some more later, and now am going to indulge my latest characters, and move them on a bit. Because we are forecast sun this afternoon, and there's a good book waiting to be read. and a deck chair with my name on it!

Enjoy YOUR time, be it 2 minutes or 2 hours!

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