Monday, 11 July 2011

I got the tissues out

Really, truly, honestly. I had a good old sniffle yesterday.

All due to the great girls-ladies-nutters-encouragers-bulliers-you name it, fellow members of my crit group. Up and Coming Writers. To have a group of friends like these gals is more than you could ever hope for.

Everyone is so supportive, so genuinely pleased for me, that as I typed a thank you to them, I started to well up (Darn, am at it again). We are all striving towards the same goal, to be published. some are there, some are almost there, all will get there! But whist on their individual journeys, they are all helping me on mine. And that is amazing. Even to putting aside their own work to help me edit, think of words and just to push me over whatever hurdle I had baulked at. We ALL do this for each other, and it is a precious thing, above all else.

I bet when we all think about it there is someone-someones-who are there for us. Unconditionally. And we frequently forget this, until, when the chips are down, there they are. But to have twenty-odd is amazing. as we frequently say to each other, you rock!


Let's continue all our journeys together!


  1. Ok, so not only are you trying to push me into labour, now I need tissues too ;-)

    huggles x

  2. Now, you've set me off too. As if reading Doris's ms didn't already do it earlier. :o))