Friday 19 August 2011

I have made a conscious decision .....

... that when I read someone's blog, I will coment. Even if it is just to say 'hi passed by', 'loved it', 'loathed it' or whatever. Because otherwise how do they (and I include myself in this as well) know if anyone at all is reading their hard crafted blogs?

I mention this, because a friend said to me a few days ago, "Oh, I always read your blog. I enjoy it." Then specifically mentioned one she'd really enjoyed and what she had thought about it. But had she left a comment? No, never.

So there am I thinking, well no one really has any thoughts on my blogs. Hell, maybe no one reads them. They read one, once, (the mysterious 'they') and thought, "what a load of cr**" so haven't visited the site again.

We writers are sometimes delicate little flowers! (yes really). We need a little nurturing ocassionally. A few handfuls of manure is always a good thing, to encourage and stimulate us. A few handfuls of praise is even better.

So please remember, help us to help ourselves, throw us a passing comment and watch us flourish.


  1. Great post! I often think my blog is unread as well. I do think that sometimes people may have gotten an "issue" leaving comments from the server/computer website physically blocking them from posting, and they never try again.

  2. it is a good decision and ur each comment can encourage a budding writer like me and many others to work on and improve the skill!

  3. thanks Jenna. One friend has said she is unable to comment, and she is going to try again, but I think we're all guilty of reading thinking oh bla bla bla... without actually saying so. Either from laziness or lack of time. I was as guilty as the rest, but NO MORE. You will all be fed up of my cryptic comments. Maybe I need to invent a shorthand for them?

  4. livz.. I totally agree. Its a fragile thread we are on when we start to write, and it can snap so easily. Without encouragement, you often don't repair that break and carry on.

    One of my daughters favorite sayings, is build a bridge and get over it.... But you need help to do that.

    My other well remembered saying .. Tread softly for you tread on my dreams... Is oh so true. We don't want nasties- just truth and encouragement.

  5. I check my stats. Hey got get validation from somewhere.:-). But I get what you're saying. So I'm saying hi. Great post.

  6. Hi Raven, I always try and read your blogs and will do my best to comment if i can :) xx

  7. Hi raven. Love reading your blog!

  8. well said..."if a blog post falls in a forest..." sort of thing.
    do check your blogger stats, though it helps!
    I always try and comment if I have gone to the trouble of reading a post.

  9. thanks all of you. this blog has def pushed a few buttons. I do check my stats, but there is nothing nicer than actual words in a comment box!