Thursday, 1 September 2011

As Promised. A teaser from Neither Gone, nor Forgotten

The man silently studied the plaque before gently clearing the earth from it, the mist and drizzle, making it clump and stick to his fingers. The weather was as dreary as his soul. Reverently he traced the letters.

Leroy Delvers. 1920-1943. 
‘He was my life. My hope, my dreams.’

How could such simple statement bring tears to his eyes? So very easily. For after so many years, one person believed in this man. It was a statement of intent. And love. But more than that, of belief.

Silently he let the tears flow, as he placed his flowers and a hat badge in front of the simple words. Bending his head, he did something he rarely did. He prayed for the poor soul the plaque commemorated, before standing tall and straight and saluting. Swiftly he turned and walked away, neither looking to left or right, unheeding of his tears, his steps long and purposeful, every precise stride shouting out ‘military,’

What do you think ????


  1. Emotional snippet. Are we back in M/M territory? ;)

  2. you guessed it ....... but with a twist!

  3. Love it and I need to read more ;-)

  4. thanks for your comments... Leroy is waiting patiently for me to tell his story. I just need to finish 'Mistress" not TOO long