Wednesday, 14 September 2011

in which I am ashamed.....

A friend said to me today she felt a blog coming on! To which I replied, I feel I aught to feel a blog coming on! Let's face it, I am not the most prolific blogger in the world. OH I have plenty to say. You pic a topic and I will say something about it. But the actual sit down, come away from my WIP and blog... Hmmm

 I am ashamed, I procrastinate.

Why? Difficult to say. Does anyone really want to read my ramblings? Let's face it, I do go off track a lot.  I sometimes think a demented gnat has been at my blog spot and rearranged the words. I have a mind that is full of trivia and meandering thoughts. the darn things will intrude at the most inopportune moments.

Actually like now, because this blog was going to be about how on earth do we find time to actually write? We tweet, FB blog, guest blog and LOVE them all, so much fun, meets lots of people, brag about what we are doing, get the chance to congratulate others and ...... take a breath! (have I missed out anything?)

A lot of of us have to work both outwith and within the home, have kids, partners pets, a social life (what's that?)

So when on earth do we fit this compulsion called got to write into our lives.

That is when the I've GOT to write slots in. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow... (Cue dreamy ad music) You have notebooks everywhere, even in the loo, for when a great phrase hits you. You creep out of bed to jot it down, so as not to forget it. Stop the car, get out your mobile and dictate into the home answerphone. Upset a white van man, and wonder why you get strange looks until you realise you are in a sports car, with the top down, and talking about a man's... well you get the gist. Buy a distaphone.

Most of all TYPE. in short sharp bursts. In long don't dare interrupt me except with coffee sessions. In the garden with an umbrella over the lap top so you can see the screen. By candlelight when the electricity goes down. In bed. On the Loo, heck if there was a way of making sure you could keep the lap top dry, in the bath.

And so, dear readers, (if thee are any, if not doesn't matter what I say) I apologise for not slotting more blogs into my schedule. I have no excuse. Except I am deep in the throes of writing something very different for me, and loving it. But it is taking over my life (Except for the odd FB stalk, tweet, coffee, drool over grandkids etc.)

My first book Wallflowers Don't Wilt, comes out in 3 weeks, on October 7th from Breathless Press. I mention this just in case you are not one of the hundreds I have bragged about it to.

Now, in case you are looking at that pic and thinking Uh? ok it's not wallflowers, but I can't upload the darn thing ...... so this is just to get you thinking... and I don't mean duh, what a techno-phone eiterh.

 BTW there will be a blog about my road road to publication coming soon!

Getting there......

GOT THERE IN THE END ... Lovely aren't they, and oohh his EYES!

off to write xxx R 


  1. Well, I'm reading ;-)

    You know what I love most of your blogging? The fact that it's so *you*. It's like having a convo with you and isn't that what blogging is supposed to be about?

    Now, get back to writing - chop,chop! xx

  2. Okay. enough fun missy. Back to work! :-) Really enjoyed your ramblings today. Now I'm going to take advantage of the peace and quiet and finish some more edits.

    Happy writing.

  3. I agree with Doris - you write what's on your mind and it's refreshing, just like you. Carry on blogging. We're all reading :)

  4. I agree with all the above! I use my blog as a mind dump what can I helps clear out the bits that aren't needed and allowed the creativity to floooowwwwwwwwwww.

    Now....seriously get writing or else Mrs!!!