Thursday, 8 September 2011

cluttered blog, cluttered web, cluttered mind.

All I can say is watch this space. I made a list of things I need to do. Some were pretty basic, like empty dishwasher, hoover lounge, bring the bin up. Others were more like a self imposed deadline. Finish chapter. Re edit, 4k. And a big one... De-Clutter.

I admit it, I am a hoarder! My children's first shoe/lock of hair/teddy/drawing of mum. Old mags I never got round to reading. First paragraphs of books never completed. A notebook per room, in case I need to jot the perfect sentence, one line answer, witty repartee down so I don't forget it. (Then I can never remember which notebook it is in- see, clutter!) That skirt/dress/trousers I might get into/like/find somewhere to wear.

My mind is equally as cluttered, hence the lists. There are some times when a cluttered mind is a blessing. You are never alone! There is always something you can extract from its murky depths to mull over, and ponder about. (The downside to this is actually finding that elusive something you absolutely needed to remember!)

And shamefully, I realised, a cluttered web page and blog!


So what to do?

Well the basic stuff is not too hard. Just do it and cross it off the list. (Note I don't include the finish chapter etc in this bit of the crossing off list!) The rest? not so easy (especially the mind bit. like Topsy it just grows.) The Web and blog.... Ah. Enter *drum roll*...El Guru! AKA Cherie.

Everyone should have a Cherie. She is a marvel. Regular readers ( if there are any) will have noticed me singing the praises of Up and Coming Writers, my crit group. El Guru Cherie, is one of us, and a techno-geek (as she herself puts it.) I couldn't put it any better. If any of us ( and I'm sort of off laying the blame here a bit) are stuck, you get CHERIEEEEE on our page.  there are a lot of CHERIEEEEE's attached to  'posted by Raven", I can tell you. She sorts out all our  computer problems.

So the call has gone out, and El Guru is in the process of de-cluttering for me. Soon, I will be sleek svelte and sophisticated! (cut the hysterical laughter, a woman can dream.) Well my web and blog page will be. My mind? Doubtful. Dishwasher? Mmmmm, well if I want to use it, got to be. Rest of the list? Easy, dump that list. Instant de-clutter. Ah! Um, now I need a list to remind me of things that were on my last list, so I don't forget what I need to do. (Delves into murky mind.)

What am I supposed to be doing?


  1. LOL, just write woman, get a cleaner for the rest, easy ;-)

  2. you try and find a cleaner who doesn't want your first born... actually... Hmmm. lol

  3. Lol. Join the club - definitely have a cluttered mind here :) I could do with a clone!

  4. LOL. I look forward to the sleek svelte you. And get on with the writing!

  5. grumble grumble bullies all of you... WELL OK then lol.