Sunday 4 September 2011

Oh do I ever like a hot hero!

Things are moving apace. Today, I got my first look at the cover artwork for 'Wallflowers Don't Wilt'. And Ivo is even hotter than I thought possible, wow, I have fallen in love with him all over again. His ladies are very intriguing, wait until you see them. Not too long to wait now, before I let all of you see them as well.

How do you imagine your hero's? Do the covers live up to expectation, or do you ignore them and keep your own ideas? Do you prefer a deep and detailed description of your heros and heroines, or do you prefer, a rough outline so you can fill in the details out of your own imagination?

 I'd love to hear your views.

As for other news, I've just finished my latest M/S. Yes another regency erotica, but only two protagonists this time! But they more than make up for the lack of others. Boy does the fur fly when their ideas don't mesh.

Here's a teaser...

“For why am I to be blackened as a cheat and a liar?”..........................

..................................“Because you are one? Any man who stated he is no longer harboring a mistress and is then found bollocks deep inside said mistress only days before his wedding is not to be believed. Therefore I do not believe you. Lud she is treated better than me. Have you ever touched me with such desire?” She laughed bitterly.

 “Perchance I should phrase that, have you ever touched me? We both know the answer? Yet I have seen the way you look at me, when you think you are unobserved. Indeed on one occasion, My Lord, I was the observer, as you took yourself in hand and fisted yourself until you spilled your seed as you shouted my name. So I know you are not indifferent to me. But touch me? Make me come? Pah. Do I not deserve this?”
 “You are to be my wife.” Ash said stiffly, his face reddened, by anger or shame she knew not. “Not my whore. I respect you.”

“I would be as well to be your mistress and get the body and the fucking I desire. Lud Ash. I want your love, your body, and to be fucked. If that is not to be my culmination, then let me be your whore. For twelvemonth I have spied and regarded you in secret, stroking myself after peering at you without your knowledge. Lud I ache for your touch. If as your wife, I do not receive all which I desire, I do not desire to be your wife. If as your mistress I would, then make me her. However, not your wife. I have too much esteem to settle for less than I deserve.’

 He was incredulous. “And you feel you deserve to be my Mistress?”

 “Well,” She said frankly, “I deserve more than a ten minute fumble, once the lamps are dimmed.”


  1. Hot excerpt as usual :-)

    Will let you know re covers, when I get mine...

  2. Love it!

    And, as a reader, I prefer it when a cover is exactly like the description in the book - it makes the hero a little more... touchable? LOL, maybe the wrong word, but you know what i mean!