Friday, 16 March 2012

so why can't they ask me themselves?

you read the last post yes?

 So I start the next bit... it's getting hotter... type furiously, thanking all the gods you can't hear the clatter of keys over the engines (or the guy snoring 3 seats down. No wonder you're given noise reducing headsets). Finish my water. Breath deeply and get my pulse rate back to normal.


 Does she,or  doesn't she accept what they want?

Will she, or won't she do as they ask?

Can she, or can't she accept their ultimatums?

Ah that would be telling.

So half an hour later, after I'd started this bit, I trot off to the bar...(remember, I'm bragging, Virgin upper class has a bar in it!) for a glass of ice cold bubbly... I'm past the water stage by now! Only fizz will do.

The cabin crew are lovely. Most passengers are asleep, a few are watching movies, I seem to be one of the few people awake.

"Are you writing?" I'm asked as I take rather a large gulp of champagne. I nod, It's rude to spray cabin crew with fizz, and anyway that would be a waste of good Lanson Black Label (or whichever)

There's a laugh.

"Hot stuff? " I nod again, swallow and speak."Yes, why?"

"Your'e the lady in seat **?"

 Now I wonder if I'm going to be arrested for indecent writing on a long haul Virgin flight. Maybe you can only write about Virgins on Virgin! lol.

I agree reluctantly. "That's me"

Sniggers from cabin crew.

"Well the guys over there, in seats ** and ** want to know what happened after she got on to the bed."


  1. I have to say...that I read your posts to my husband and he what happened after she got on the'll have to let me know when the book is accepted and when it comes out...I think the Hubby will want me to read it to

  2. haha, don't worry Laurie, I will, check here or on my website and hopefully one day, you'll see it there. tentatively called The Rose Between The Thornes! and er Laurie's husband? It's H O T...

  3. That is so funny! So did you tell them?

  4. Lol I hope you didn't leave them in suspense!

  5. I hardly dare look cabin crew, men or indeed anyone in the face. I mean what the well dressed author was wearing. A virgin sleep suit, socks and bed hair lol. BUT it was funny, and No... gave out my website addy instead.. I'm not spoiling it!

  6. Lol, Raven, that could only happen to you!

  7. HEY I sold a book (Wallflowers Don't Wilt) as our plane sat on the tarmac in Antigua on a flight from St Kitts to Gatwick... and then got the oohhh this is hot, oh wow this is great, my brother has pinched it off me, comments from the lovely girl who bought it! her brother was, I'm going to read this next bit first....

  8. Love it, Raven! Bet those guys wished they flew with you all the time!

  9. well i sort of left them up in the air so to speak lol