Monday, 26 March 2012

what a way to start the week...

Monday morning.. no blues. Having a great Monday so far, let's hope it lasts eh?

But first, Monday mornings eh? Who doesn't remember those schoolday, M-m's. When you realized you hadn't finished your maths homework, you'd lost your tie when you hooked it round the hot-bod of the school's neck as he passed by on the friday, and er 'not remembered' to take it back? (Well he might, just might have brought it round over the weekend—he didn't; and you'd forgotten to give you gym kit to your mum to wash. Ah memories.

Then that sinking shoot, one too many G and T's last night and I have an early meeting, no unsnagged tights, and I didn't set the alarm clock, rushing to work no coffee monday mornings?

Fast forward to the phew, thank goodness the weekend is over—kids were a nightmare—rained all the time—help it'll soon be school holidays, what will we do for six weeks—even the pile of washing can't faze me—monday mornings.

All the same day of the week, (well unless you work in retail, the church or tourism or the like when the M-m feeling hits you on whatever day is the day after your day off) but so many different feelings to it.

Which brings me to NOW.

I've had a great Monday so far. Okay it's only 7am where I live (Scotland, feels warm little mist over the hills, fingers X'd for sun) but if it carries on like this....

My submission to Evernight Publishing, for their Keyboards and Kinks Antho has been accepted. Really, It has, I re-read the email to be sure. Six times—well okay seven, but who's counting.

My Devilish Tale (hehe) In The Recess Of Her Soul, had been tentatively scheduled for May 7th,

I went to bed, had to get up again, well after midnight  ( so monday—you get the gist) and write something that 'hit me' in case I forgot it, and then had a good sleep for once, and woke up to those lovely emails

And I still have chocolate.

What more can a girl ( okay read girl loosely here) ask for?

Except more chocolate?

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. What a brilliant start to the week! Congrats!!!

  2. Congratulations Raven!! Sounds like a great monday...wish mine was more like that today!

  3. Lots of things to celebrate Raven :-) May the rest of the week shape up as well.

  4. Mondays aren't always so nice. but receiving e-mail such as that on a Monday would be fab! Congrats again Raven <3