Sunday, 1 April 2012


And a happy Sunday (or whichever day you are reading this) to you

Todays SSS comes from the first book I had published...Wallflower's Don't Wilt   I love this book, so thought it was time to share some of it.

"We may be avant-garde, but we will be unconventional women in the way we choose.”

He clapped his hands, ignoring the uncomfortable tightness of his breeches as his cock, interested beyond belief at mere talk, strained to be noticed; it seemed its activities gained it the recognition it sought, as both girls glanced at the general area and smiled. Not blushed, he noted, but smiled. 

“Bravo, so?”

“So, Ivo,” there was a saucy smile on Arabella’s face, matched by the one on Serena’s, as they both faced him, seemingly now wide- awake. 

“Just what is making your breeches stand up so?”

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