Sunday 22 April 2012

six sentence sunday...

These are the opening sentences of  Almost Entente Cordiale. 

(Set in 1800)

Finding your lover buried deep inside another was not the welcome you would expect, especially when your lover was male, as were you, and the body he was at that moment fucking to oblivion, was not.

No matter that said lover did not know when or where he would see you again, or indeed, if ever.

Julien swore fluently in his native French and watched the tight, firm arse of his lover move up and down as his cock thrust in and out of the lady. He presumed by the muslins crushed around her body, she was a lady, and not just a serving girl. Knowing Alastair or, he amended, thinking he knew Alastair, it would definitely be a lady.

The fact that both he and Alastair, up to that time, had had no interest in females for many years was immaterial; he felt betrayed, hurt, and inexplicably excited by the sight in front of him.

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