Monday, 30 April 2012

Excuse me if I'm a bit preoccupied, but Grisha From Riding Her Tiger, the latest brilliant offering from Doris O'Connor, had popped by.

What the hell is he doing with my candles? 

"Oi put them back."

Darn it, he's ignoring me."

Hello Everyone.

The delectable Raven has agreed to some playtime today, so naturally I had to take her up on the invitation.  Sadly, candles seem to be one of her hard limits, such a shame, but I'm sure she would find it a most pleasurable with the right Dom.


Ha! He may grin... I'm glaring! Definitely way too much off limits!

Alas I can see my pesky author glaring at me as well. Apparently I am not here to indulge my fetishes —did I mention I find older women irresistible…


I'm blushing here, really, blushing, and I need a fan. That's before we read his excerpt. Oh okay, he's glaring again. Time to shut up.

Oh how rude of me, forgive me, I haven't even introduced myself. Too carried away with the thoughts of Raven and… well, she may throw me off here if I tell you, and then Doris will no doubt torture me by finding me a mate, and that is the last thing this Dom needs. Far too many willing subs to play with, and friends to wind up.

Sadly, I wish he was less, well, extreme (Don't tell him I said so, but oohhh droolworthy is an understatement.) *thinks* Hold on, I love him in the book the way he is. I'll pass and we'll keep him as he is.

 My name is Grisha Sergewski and I'm a Siberian Tiger shifter and I make an appearance in Doris' latest tale Riding her Tiger.

You could say I'm one of the tigers being ridden. I made sure I was, because let's face it, when a brand new sub walks into your club, and orders a Black Russian, then it would be downright rude to refuse her. And besides, Ink and I make a good tag team, if you get my meaning.

Estelle does very well for her first session and had circumstances been different I may have been tempted to consider a more permanent play arrangement…

I shan't tell you what happens, because Doris is glaring at me again. Seems Raven's nickname, calling her  D the D is quite apt, which conjures up some interesting possibilities in my head.

*chuckles and raises his eyebrows*

Seems I need to remind her that the characters are in charge, and I could wreak all sorts of havoc in her next story. See, that's what I like to see—obedience.

As she's been such a good girl I will leave you with the blurb and an excerpt of yours truly in action.
Leave a comment for your chance to win a copy and I could come to an E-reader near you. I aim to please.


Whew, thanks Grisha. "Now please put the candles back and re tie my curtains!"


Can one night change your life forever? 

Estelle has been lusting after her kinky boss Nathan for ages, but how you do you snare a much older Dom? You enlist the help of the internet.

Matched to exploration facilitator Ink, Estelle explores her submissive fantasies to the full. When online sex turns to a real life ménage will a case of mistaken identity ruin her chances with Nathan?

Or will the shifter claim his mate?

"Not a very wise move, sweetheart," Grisha murmured into her ear.
"I know. I'm sorry." Estelle risked a peek at Ink's face. "I'm sorry…Sir." Ink's stern expression softened with her breathy words, and with last lingering look to Cherie, he settled his full attention on Estelle. "Follow me."
Estelle did just that, aware of Grisha's quiet presence at her back, as she followed Ink's lead. He crossed the club and stopped briefly in front of one the many doors leading off the interior. He pressed a number sequence into the keypad by the door, and the heavily padded door swung open. A harsh fluorescent light came on and Ink stepped to the side, gesturing for Estelle to step through.
Looking up to him for reassurance did little to help the army of butterflies that seemed to have taken up residence in her tummy again. He simply waited patiently, his expression unreadable, and Estelle realized that he was giving her a last get out. She straightened her shoulders and stepped over the threshold, dimly aware of the two men following. The door whooshed shut, and the lighting dimmed a little.
The room was dominated by a huge bed, and Estelle's eyes widened taking in the various restraints, dangling from the ceiling and attached to each corner. A wide array of toys, whips, paddles, and various other equipment that she didn't know the names of was laid out neatly on a sideboard. A padded St Andrew's Cross stood in one corner, a spanking bench in another, and Estelle's clit ached imagining herself strapped to any of these things. She wiped her sweaty palms on the sides of her dress, aware of the rustling of clothes behind her.
"Her limits are?" Grisha's accented voice asked.
"Hard limits are whips and any danger play. Soft limits are spanking, toys, and anal play." Ink's calm voice soothed some of those insects dancing inside of her, and she leant into the hand massaging her neck. "She's very new to submission. We've been working online. This is her first real life scene."
Grisha whistled under his breath and stepped in front of her.
"And her safe word is?"
"Cubs." She could hear the smile in Ink's voice.
Both men chuckled, and Estelle wondered briefly what was so funny. Her stomach churned too much to ponder the men's amusement too much however. Grisha cupped her chin, and some more of her anxiety fled. The expression in his black eyes was almost tender, the hand slowly running a trail along her collarbone gentle. He smiled at her moan when his hand slid lower still, and he rolled one of her stiff nipples between his fingers. She leant into his hand and sighed when his other hand explored her pussy. She instinctively spread her legs wider, and he murmured his approval at the wetness coating his fingers. One long digit slipped inside her vagina, and her knees buckled at the skillful invasion. Ink's hand on her hips held her up, and her head fell back against his chest, his harsh breath in her ear kicking her arousal up another notch. Grisha inserted another two fingers, and Estelle moaned as his fingers fucked her mercilessly, pushing her closer to that elusive edge.
Ink bit into the soft of her ear, and the sweet pain zinged along her nerve endings.
"Remember, no coming unless I give you permission. Nod your head if you hear me."
Estelle moaned her acquiescence, and both men laughed. The vibrations rumbled through her, and she started panting in earnest when Ink pulled her neckline down, exposing her breasts. He cupped the heavy globes and lifted one to Grisha to taste. With a wicked grin Grisha bent down and bit the rosy peak, flicking her clitoris with his thumb at the same time. Estelle screamed. Her knees buckled, and Grisha withdrew his fingers.
"Let's take this to the bed." Ink spun her around in his arms so fast the room swirled, and Estelle shrieked when he picked her up and deposited her on the bed. He spread her legs wide and secured them to the restraints on the corners of the huge bed. Cool air fluttered across her swollen folds, and her only just banked down arousal notched up again.
"My turn to feast on that beautiful cunt." Estelle propped herself up on her elbows better to see, until the first swipe of his tongue against her quivering flesh rendered her incapable of doing anything but feeling. His tongue was rough, creating delicious friction, and she climbed the rungs of exquisite torture again, dimly aware of her hands being cuffed together in front of her and lifted into the air. A blindfold was slipped across her eyes, and Estelle gave herself up to sensation. Completely at the mercy of Grisha and Ink, her helplessness stoked the sweet fire burning in her veins. The musky scent of man invaded her senses as an erect cock stroked along her lips. She opened automatically, taking the thick shaft as far as she could without choking, loving the salty taste of what she assumed must be Grisha's cock. Firm hands spread her wider, and a cushion was placed under her hips.
"Suck me harder. Milk me, sweetheart." Grisha's command in her ear spurred her on, and she swirled her tongue around his prick. Alternating quick flicks with long sucks, she deep throated him and swallowed down the first tiny spurts of his cum, until he yanked her hair and pulled out, spilling his hot spunk over her breasts instead with a feral growl.

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