Tuesday 24 April 2012

Editors and Publishers are like shoes

You walk differently or work differently with each.

At the moment I work with several different editors and publishers, and as they are all different people, they all work in different ways.

One is the Laboutins, another Jimmy Choos. Then theres the Haivianas, the Trainers, and the pair that is too tight and pinch your toes. All different and all need understanding before there is a perfect fit. before you are comfortable with them

Shoes Editors and Publishers... (yes I am giving them a capital letter, genuflecting almost!)

One of the hardest things I found, when I began my career as an author (and how good it is to write that. As an aside the first time I was able to write 'author' when they ask for occupation on an immigration form I was so excited lol), was if Publisher 'A' like things doing xyz, publisher 'B' wanted pqr and so on. 

Likewise Editors. some want more dialogue tags, some want less.(or whatever) It's up to me to make sure I fit in, and learn how they work. No one is right or wrong, they are just all different. That's good, it stretches my mind, makes me work and think.

Sometimes though, you might have to hold your hand in the air and admit defeat. Say those shoes are uncomfortable, don't work for you and you're better off without them. Sorry but I'm done.

So, same with Editors and Publishers. That fit just might not be there. No one's fault, necessarily, just not right.

Other times of course, you do make the Laboutins, or the trainers or whatever work. After an uncomfortable few weeks when you despair anything will be right, one day you get up, wriggle your toes ( or fingers over the keyboard) and realise. It is all good.

Remember all of us are different and we can't please all of the people all of the time, and can't get on with everyone (or every pair of shoes)

What's right, will be right! and what's wrong? Chalk it up (down) to experience, life's rich and steep learning curve...and move on!


  1. Wise words, Raven. Different pubs and editors work very differently indeed and the one thing I would say is don't be afraid to keep looking, because once you find that perfect fit, the results are amazing :-)

  2. Couldn't have put it better myself

  3. Great words Raven....I'm looking forward to the day I can walk in a lovely fitting pair of Jimmy Choos!

  4. You're absolutely spot on with that analogy, Raven. It doesn't matter if the shoe is amazing, if you can't manage to squeeze your foot into it, it's just pretty and not functional.

    Great post!

  5. And of course we bore of the same tired footwear and get excited by the sparkly new must-haves!

  6. Wise words indeed and worth bearing in mind for a newbie like me.

  7. Love the shoe analogy Raven! Really helps a newbie like me understand. I hope the publisher I just signed with is like a comfy pair of Pradas :o) which I'll cherish forever x

  8. very witty. wouldn't it be nice if one size fit all. x