Friday, 6 April 2012

The Hoppy Easter Blog-Hop

And hoppy, hippy er HAPPY EASTER to you all.

Now Easter is spring, and in the spring you get flowers, right?

Good, So,  I thought, why not an excerpt from a book with a flower in its title (okay not  a spring flower, but I'm just amazed I managed to link it at all)

So From Wallflowers Don't Wilt, here's a wee teaser.

Serena sighed. “Why is a lack of patience so ingrained in men?” she queried in dulcet tones. Arabella giggled, changing it to a poor imitation of a cough as she noted Ivo’s raised eyebrows. No meek and mild milksops were his lovers-to-be.
“I fear I have no idea why the general ramblings and side tracks usual in the mind of a female should perturb me or any male,” he retorted. “Nonetheless, may I prevail on you to continue?”
She stood and curtsied, mocking him. Minx. There was no grace- ful subservience there, merely mockery. He had no recourse other than to laugh. “I can see my life will be anything other but dull when we become a three,” he remarked. “I look forward to the challenge.”
If we become a three,” Arabella retorted. “May we continue, Your Grace? Or wish you for us to digress further?”
Ivo bowed his head. “I await your pleasure, my dears. In more than this situation.” He watched as Arabella successfully struggled to control her ready remark. Instead, she subjected him to what could only be described as a glacial stare, something her blue eyes excelled at.
“Then, Your Grace, I will continue. Once we were at Miss Miller’s we found ourselves able to share confidences to a greater degree. Found just how negligent our fathers had been in our upbringing, our education of our world. Seeing how our mamas lived, we had both decided the married state was not for us. Neither of us was prepared to be subservient to any man. Neither of us knew there was any alter- native.
“Now? Well, now, Your Grace, we may perchance be encouraged to think differently.” She was silent. He saw the private glance that passed between them and felt unaccountably left out, like he was missing something important. That, he determined, was something he could and would change.
“So,” Serena took up seamlessly, “we were sharing a room, confiding in each other, and very sure where we did not want our destiny to be, equally as unsure as to where it resided. One day, I was requested to wait in the library for an unexpected visit from my father. Waiting for what seemed like eons, I came upon a little-read tome. I read it, assimilated it, and thought it may be for me; however, I did not feel able to share my learnings for an age.
“My father, in his usual bombastic manner, informed me my god- mama had died and left me a considerable fortune. On his advice it was not to be available to me until I was five and twenty. Subsequently, I learned Arabella had her fortune with the same proviso attached. It was not until a particularly vicious thunderstorm which occasioned us to hide under the same bedcovers did I disclose all I had read on that dismal day of endless waiting.”
Arabella giggled. “There was one particularly violent clap of thun- der that elicited a shriek from me, whereupon I almost clambered into her lap. Imagine how I felt on perceiving how enjoyable that was.”
“As did I,” solicited Serena. “On sharing my discoveries from that dusty tome, we decided to follow Sappho, see where our destinies lay. We left school, came out, and, er—shall we say—made sure we caught the eye of no male on the hunt. Of any age or capability. So here we are. Two wallflowers, not wilting but flourishing.”

 If you would like to have a chance to win an ecopy of Wallflowers Don't Wilt by Raven McAllan, then leave a comment and say what your favorite flower is —and why.

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  1. My favorite flower is a blue that flower!

  2. I love flowers and find it hard to choose but any sort of rose for me I think. I guess I'm quite a traditional girl at heart ;)

    Hoppy Easter!

  3. My favourite flower of all time has to be the Arabian Night Dahlia. Dark, beautiful and unusual.

    Your writing is so strong, Raven! Hope you have a wonderful Easter. <3

  4. Forget-me-nots have a special place in my heart, and on my ankle where I have three tattooed around a poppy!

  5. I have two favourites, tulips because they remind me of summer and white lilies because they're very majestic and beautiful!

  6. I would have to say Roses. My gran always smelled of roses, so whenever I see one it reminds me of a very special lady :-)

    Have a great Easter, Raven :-)

  7. Favorite flower would be the rose,grew up with many rosebushes in the yard, though I do love seeing lilacs blooming.
    Have a Happy Easter.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  8. I'm partial to wildflowers. I love how the different sizes, colors and shapes look in a field or garden.


  9. My favorite flower is the Calla Lilly. They look so elegant and beautiful. They were in my wedding bouquet and every year on my anniversary my hubby gives me some. Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Easter!

  10. Lookie at that excerpt, :D I wish there had been more!


  11. My favorite flower is the Calla Lilly. I have always love how elegant they look.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  12. I love the peony. They're just so full and beautiful. Wish they bloomed longer though. Have a happy Easter.

    Shannon Leigh
    author_shannon_leigh at hotmail dot com

  13. I dont have a favorite flower. I love to many of them. I adore there shapes, sizes, colors smells. I love flowers but i cant pick a favorite. Thank you! Happy Easter!