Tuesday 10 April 2012

Some confessions.. I am a bobbler, the winners of easter blog hops and other sundry information

Now you may wonder what is a bobbler? Hold on and read on and you'll find out.

First— *drum Roll*— The winners of the Easter Blog Hops, chosen at  random, and not by me.

Breathless Press Sexy bunny is ... Susan W.... And a pdf of To PLease A Lady will be sent to her.

The Hoppy bunny is Shannon Leigh, who'll have some wallflowers to plant—er read, as she wins a pdf of Wallflowers Don't Wilt.

Thanks to everyone who commented, It was much appreciated.

 Confession time. Chocolate—pigging of... Hmmm my bad. and memo to me. If  chocolate says may contain cereal, that means I can't eat it. Though why the egg says ut and not the contents which was just chocolate, beats me. It did beat me, and boy am I suffering for it. Greed+ gluten intolerance= poorly

So a bobbler eh? No It's not some weird sect or strange disease. It's what I do to all my jerseys, jumpers, and cardigans. Bobble them. And not just around the boob area, although that is worse. According to my mum in law, any boobs over a 'B' cup are prime, first class, award-winning bobblers.

It makes no difference if the J, J, or C's are woolen or acrylic, bobbles are after the first few wears, a not appreciated accessory. Big and little obvious or not, I know they are thee. Like measles the 'spots' spread and go forth and multiply. A bit like the dust bunnies under the bed now I think of it.

But bobbles, what on earth can I do with them? Take a knife or scissors and cut them off in their prime? That doesn't work they just come back, bigger and er well bigger.

Pull them gently and ask them to go away? Nah, that just makes the said J,J, or C look like a moths convention has been held on it.

So, we have an 'armed' truce. THEY hover in certain areas... yeah yeah around the boobs, think about other places and leave the arms alone. so they reason, they are 'armless.'

Yeah okay, enough already. I'm going.

Speak to you all later... Er shall we start a new society? Bobblers of the World UNITE?


  1. LOL, Raven. I do like your ramblings ;-)

  2. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

    Gluten + ANYTHING doesn't work! Glutens probably the one thing chocolate doesn't make better!