Friday, 6 April 2012

It's the Breathless Press Sexy Bunny Hop.

Now bearing in mind I'm no bunny, and I can't hop... er I  never mentioned not being sexy now did I? (so, a little jiggle may be, but no hopping)  I'll give you a nice hot—no not cross buns—Men and er woman.. Okay? Good.

 So here's an extract from To Please A lady  yes please, champagne and chocolate will do fine to please me. And no saying I'm not a lady...) one lucky commenter will win an ecopy ... so ..are we sitting comfortably? You won't be for long.

WARNING.... explicit.

“Never let it be said that we, as gentlemen, do not pander to our lady’s every whim.” Berry moved swiftly. Her legs were lifted onto two firm shoulders, her soft lips parted, and one purple head demanded access.
In fact, she realized hazily, hot, hard, throbbing cocks were parting both pairs of lips. Lud, she was wet with longing, her anticipation of what was to come at melting point.
Her clit was on fire, demanding attention, as Berry’s cock rubbed over it and thrust into her in one hard movement. Ah, this was bliss! Hermione met him thrust for thrust. As she opened her mouth to speak, to tell of her pleasure, Ran made his entry. His cock slipped effortlessly into her mouth. Her lips closed around him automatical- ly, and she tasted his individual saltiness, realizing, with a groan of pleasure, that she was able to differentiate easily between the taste of each of her lovers. Both pleasing, both arousing, yet unique. Then she stopped thinking at all, giving herself up to the gratification she was experiencing.
Berry’s cock pounded inside her, his balls bouncing off her with each climax-inducing thrust. She found herself sucking of Ran’s equally forceful and demanding cock, which was matching Berry thrust for thrust. Hermione moved her hands to enable male nipples to be squeezed and seduced and was rewarded by male groans of ap- preciation.
Hands were hard on her arse, lifting it, squeezing it, and—Oh, sweet glory!—entering a finger into the warm of its welcoming depth. She knew she keened and was pleased her lovers understood the plea- sure it conveyed. Her nipples were nipped and caressed, she knew not by which man or manner, and a mouth suckled deeply at her clit.
Her climax was near, and she felt the deep throb that extended throughout her body, felt the singing in her ears, the trembling of her limbs, and the desire to fly. Her mouth so recently full of cock was suddenly empty as Ran pulled out and away slightly, to rub his cock against her neck. She could feel the warmth and wetness as it caressed her.
“Come, my love. Announce to the world your excitement.”
Without further notice, she shattered and flew with a shout of joy and exultation, the decibels of which could have shattered glass and set the church bells ringing.
“Now, it is now; it is...yes, yes, yes! Oh, my lords, now...aagghhh- hhhh, oh yes.” She wished she could shout louder, uncaring who may overhear. This was her glory, and she reveled in it.
The movements in her pussy increased.
With a murmured, “May I?” she felt Ran’s cock once more seek the warmth of her mouth. Without being told, Hermione matched stroke for stroke, strength for strength. And, if asked, she would have said she feared it impossible, but both cocks seemed to swell and harden more. As she felt the salty taste of male arousal fill her mouth and heard both men begin to shout out their release and felt said releases fill her, she clenched muscles, sucked harder, and her own climax reintroduced itself twofold.
They came within seconds of each other, their sounds of completion competing and entwined, as were their bodies. The scent of aroused, satisfied lovers permeated every pore. The sound of harsh, satisfied breathing filled the room.

So, what do you want for Easter? and see who's blogging!


  1. Oh, this is the book I've been wanting! Happy Easter. Have fun on the hop. :)

  2. *fans self*

  3. Very hot excerpt. I can't wait to read this. I would love to have gift cards and some chocolate for Easter.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  4. Wow! This book would be good in my easter basket.

  5. Um, this would be good for Easter! Thanks for the giveaway!


  6. A fan to cool off, lots of chocolate and a good book!

  7. What would I like for Easter? Since I didn't win the lottery, I'll take good health and a great read. What could be better.

    Happy Easter Everyone!

  8. Oh my! I think I shall have to take a cold shower! Happy Easter!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com