Sunday, 18 March 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

As its Mothering Sunday, I've taken this from The Price To Pay, my cougar romance, where my heroine, Vairi is a mum. (Although she's not with her daughter here!)

"I just like the idea that you don't bare your all for all to see; I don't like the idea of other men seeing those glorious breasts and that secret, sensitive clit. 
I'm man enough to enjoy the idea that they are for my eyes only. That is my idea of possessive. I'm hoping you'll feel the same about me. I don't bare my all for others to see.
Although," he said humorously, "I confess, I do go topless."


  1. Ah Love it! Every mum should have a Raig ;-)

  2. I'll have a Raig any day! Love this bit especially the humour! x

  3. yup.. I need a raig at the moment.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Raven: I enjoyed the six sentences. This makes me hungry to read more. If you aren't sure whether to write Regency or Contemporary, you need to follow your heart. Which gives you more enjoyment? If you like writing both, why not continue. If you are forcing yourself to write Contemporary, your readers may notice it in your writing. But always be true to yourself.

  5. *does not know what a Raig is*

    I loved this Six Sentences post. Makes me want to read more!

  6. Sexy and humorous. :) Nice six.

  7. Hi Lynne, I love writing contemporary as well as regency. This is a contemporary, and I had so much fun writing it. I guess I'll still do both, depending on which story shouts loudest at the time!,

  8. Topless!! What a man-slut! Ha-ha, cute ending quip; loved it.

    (If you have like a zillion copies of this comment in your spam filter, I can understand it. Blogger just does NOT like me! Switching to my google acct to try again. claire gillian)

  9. Gayl,

    Raig—Padraig— is the name of the hero, so I'm guessing some of these commenters have read the blurbs, (or the book) which you can see on, Amazon, Bookstrand Alllromance Ebooks etc...

    Thanks to everyone who commented.