Sunday, 26 February 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

My Release date for two books were swapped, so this is from Almost Entente Cordial which was released last Friday, by Breathless Press

 As readers will know, it wasn't. I'm hoping the problems will be sorted out for this friday. It's out of my hands...

"I thought to be fucked and achieve release was to increase your vocal attributes, not silence them? Perchance to be fucked by a person of your own sex changes this?"

As she watched them, waiting for a reply, any reply, the skin of each man began to color. For some 

strange inexplicable reason, she began to enjoy herself. Forsooth, she had been shamefully aroused upon 

spying the two men deep in the throes of sexual ecstasy; their whole beings attuned perfectly, their 

concentration on each other so deep her presence went unnoticed. If indeed she was to be true to herself, 

and through this, true to her men, for surely that is what they were, then she must be open and honest; 

neither were her loves, but both had been her lovers. 


I hope you like this

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