Monday, 5 February 2018

The Gluten-Free Author's guide to goodies or not... or as this week's ramble says, Make do and mean it

Hi all, here we are again with my occasional g-f author ramble.

Before anyone starts to throw things at the title of this post, I do not mean we make do and perhaps eat or drink anything with gluten it. Anything but.
However, there's so many ways you can go out and quietly think, okay not what I wanted/expected/really like... but...
I'm writing this because I heard such a special snowflake in a restaurant recently. Bear in mind, this place actually has a g-f menu. One which is almost but not quite the same as the main menu. This person was berating the poor waiter because one dish, one dish couldn't be make g-f.
For goodness sake get over yourself.

I love pie, I know I'm highly unlikely to get g-f pie. That's one of those facts of life. I dislike cheese, and that's always one of the g-f desert options.
I get over it. Have ice cream or something, or shock horror, go without.

Things are so much better these days for those who are coeliac or gluten intollerant. Please don't make restaurants feel their efforts are wasted.

And a bit late, but a BIG shout out to John and Sam at Fish-a-liciuos  in Leigh on Sea, Essex. ( 808 London Road) Their g-f fish n chips....fantastic...

(sorry no pic)

And on that note, I'm off to contemplate the scales, and not the fishy sort...

Happy eating,


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