Tuesday, 13 February 2018

#TT and 'Hope'

To some of you, the picture might not seem to fit. To me it screamed... 


(Pic: Pinterest)

Sometimes it was too easy.
The women, the screams... the show.
All he had to do was look...stare...wait.
He was...acclaimed. Feted... and fawned over.
And forlorn.
He could have any of them. Not just for the show; for him.
It wasn’t enough. Not what he wanted, needed, yearned for.
He looked...for her.
Only her.
Just a glimpse, just once more.
Sometimes the pain was too much to bear. Anguish, the sense of something precious lost.
The gut-wrenching thought.
All my own fault. If he could atone, he would. Grovel, beg, be honest.
I love you. I was scared. Now I know what alone means.
The shouts, the stamping. Louder...insistent.
Show time.

Dare she? Should she? Was she a coward?
No one else could decide. Only her. He strode up on stage.
This is it—maybe...
“Ladies and gentlemen, I need a volunteer. Let me take you back and show you what you were, forward to what you might be. Any takers?”
Show time.
She moved forward. “I’m ready.”
He blinked. “Are you sure?”
“Oh yes but I already know. Before I didn’t trust. Now; for ever, I will. No hypnotism needed. I know, I love you and you love me.”

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