Sunday, 5 February 2017

#SexySnippets With a curvy body and a Dom with a problem

Hi Everyone and welcome to #SexySnippets where we tease you with seven sentences from a book or WIP.

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 I think I need to tease you with something from my WIP.

A Kera Faire, Death Isle story, working title The Carpenter.

Where death awaits those who sin.

(Source pinterest)

(Maddock is stuck with a PA from hell. She turns him on at the same time as infuriating him.)

 She turned toward him, and once again he was struck how perfect her body was. Her tits—oh my, her bloody handful-sized tits stood out, encased in yeah, a red silky top, with just enough cleavage showing to entice but not be over the top come hither. Her waist curved on and her hips flared, to what some might say was too much but to Maddock were perfect. Her proportions to him were everything a Dom could ask for.

 Pity this Dom couldn’t ask.
He waited impatiently, as Dori bit her lip and let it go with an erotic plop that sent shock waves up and down his body. Hell on wheels why was that such a turn on when she didn’t even seem to realise what she was doing.

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  1. Oh, yeah, he has it bad, lol. Hurry up finishing this so that I can get my rediting mitts on it, please :-)

  2. I agree! Hurry up! I need to read!

  3. This sounds wonderful!

  4. Maybe she knows what she's doing. *winks*