Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The gluten free author's guide to goodies—or not Not...Le Bon Vivant, Franschhoek

And yeah sadly this is a not

oh dear

How the mighty has fallen. Sadly this is a great big no. NO

Le Bon Vivant Franschhoek, where we went recently.


Now we have been going there for, ohh around ten years. They know I am coeliac so no wheat, gluten or rye. So far, until this visit, excellent food.

No worries, you would think.


Sadly you are wrong. Not this year. We booked two months in advance. And as ever asked if the fact i have to be gluten free is a problem. (no)

What on earth has gone wrong? Amuse bouche...Gluten


another 'bit' gluten

me worried...oh yes... very. Mega worries.

Food... Hmmm what has gone wrong.

I have no idea, except you have lost two very loyal customers. I am so sorry about this, but you know, you have now lost the edge. Not just re gluten, but with regards to the standard of you food. As Dh said. Last year you were in our top ten restaurants in the world. This year? Not even close.


But on to the next xxx

Raven x

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