Wednesday, 1 March 2017

#MidWeekTease Ohh i'm late, nor like my hero

Hi All, apologies that this is late. Let's hope it's worth it.

No cover as yet, but... I sort of know what it's going to look like.


Anyway here's the blurb for The Earl and The Courtesan which will be out in May

Once a courtesan, not always a courtesan.
Time to move on.
Who better to do it with than a rake?

Theresa Kyle, ex-courtesan, will not kowtow to any man in marriage, let alone an odious ex-pupil. When the man rejects her refusal of his proposal, she reluctantly agrees to seek help.
 Jamie, the Earl of Weston, is in a fix of his own. The marriage mart is not for him, let alone a compulsory wedding due to the machinations of his mother.
 A mutual friend seems to have the perfect solution The earl and the courtesan—what better way to foil those who want to see them married against their wills?
 Alas, the best-laid plans go awry  for neither had expected to fall in love. However, as far as Jamie is concerned, being a member of the aristocracy comes in handy when you need to bend the rules to your will. Convincing Teresa, however, may well be harder than winning over the ton.

 And your tease...

“I think we should start a club,” Theresa said ruminatively. “One for people like us who do not want to be ruled by convention.”
Her friend Maria sat back in her chair and looked at her contemplatively. “There are plenty of us. What’s our name?”
“How about The Daring Ladies club?”
Maria sniggered. “Oh, I like it. And the members?”
“Well you and I for a start. We can begin small.”
“You’re on. So when do we have our first meeting?”  Maria reached for a nearby bottle of wine and poured two glasses full.
“I rather think we’re having it now,” Theresa said with a laugh. She took her glass and held it high. “To the Daring Ladies Club. Be this the only meeting or not, we can at last acknowledge who and what we are.”
“Interesting, unconventional and ready to take on the world?”
“Something like that.”
Theresa sat back in the overlarge chair and smiled at her friend over her glass of wine. Her long black hair was half in a knot on the top of her hair and the rest had left its pins and spiralled over her shoulders in a waterfall, the colour of midnight.
“So that apart, who is your next client?”
“Who’s next?” she said in reply to Maria, her friend, confidant, and seamstress to the ton’s. “Nobody. I’ve decided to retire.” She sipped her wine and savoured the silky smooth apricot and gooseberry scented liquid with enjoyment. “This is good.”
Maria put her own glass down with such a thump the finest French contents slopped dangerously near the rim. Her mouth dropped open and she gaped at Theresa as if she was hallucinating.
Theresa grinned and held the glass in the air to look at the light amber-coloured liquid. “Where did you find it?”
“Never mind the wine,” Maria retorted. “Say that again, slowly.”
Theresa opened her eyes as wide as possible, and waved her glass from side to side as a toast.  It wasn’t often possible to shock or surprise Maria and every therefore time it happened was immensely satisfying. “Theresita is no more. From now on I’m plain Theresa Kyle, spinster of the parish.”
“Why?” Maria sounded bewildered, as well she might, Theresa thought. She’d never mentioned her intentions to Maria until she’d firmed up her decisions and set certain plans in motion. “You’ll never be plain anything,” Maria continued. “Black hair and blue eyes combined with a stunning figure will ensure that.” She tugged a strand of her own soft brown tresses. “Not forgettable like mine.”
“Exactly.” Theresa chose to misunderstand her. “You are not forgettable, and you know it. Your hair is silky smooth and your figure…”
“Is voluptuous. Top heavy. Why do you think I became a seamstress?” Maria asked with a chuckle. “I know what suits me.”
 “You know what suits others as well,” Theresa replied.  “That is why you are successful.”
 “Just as well, because now I can afford to dress in the style I enjoy,” Maria said happily. “However, stop changing the subject. Why are you retiring?”
“Why?” Theresa said slowly. “Because I’ve had enough.” She shrugged and raised her eyebrows, as she tried to put into words just how she felt. “Of men and my life as it has been. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, I’d be a liar if I said otherwise. But think about it, Maria. I’ve spent the last fifteen years earning my living on my back.” She snorted and took a mouthful of wine. “Well not necessarily on my back but you know what I mean.”

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  1. Sounds like retirement will suit her perfectly. Great tease.

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  4. Great tease, Raven! :)

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