Sunday, 26 March 2017

#SexySnippets with the ladies of Death Isle...

Well now, it's Mothering Sunday here in the UK, so I'm not cooking. 

Which has nothing to do with #SexySnippets.

Which has nothing to do with cooking but it does in a roundabout way have something to do with mums.

As I've just received my fantastic cover for The Furnace Man, (Kera Faire, my dark side) the latest Death Isle story, and It's released on Wednesday 29th (if you are reading this on Sunday that's only 3 more sleeps) of course my #SexySnippets has to come from there.

Don’t piss off the furnace man.
It might be a standing joke around the glass factory— he’ll mix you with the sand and burn you, leaving nothing left to discover—but Lindsey Earnshaw is about to find out the truth behind it.
Placed there to spy on the place on behalf of the government, a warning message brings forth not only a dead body, but also the one man she’s never forgotten.
Michael Hoult cannot believe his eyes, when his ex-wife turns out to be the receptionist on duty. Having to drug her in order to not blow his cover will not earn him her renewed submission, neither will whisking her away to the Death Isle.

Duty first, though. It cost him his marriage all those years ago, but with Lindsey now working for the same side, can they not only catch a killer, but also rediscover each other?

(Lindsey and the ladies of Death Isle have just enjoyed an evening together...
slightly adapted for #SexySnippets so you get the gist...)

Lindsey looked from one to other of her new friends and smiled —they had livened up her evening, given her support and advice and, she accepted, would run interference if needed. Even if it got them into trouble with their Sirs and Masters. For each had admitted their relationships with their menfolk, given her an insight into living with a Dom who was also a Dispatcher, and how they coped living on an island in the middle of a loch.
It all sounded perfect, but would she have the chance to experience it?
The clock whirred as the hands moved. The knock on the door made each one of them jump.
Astrid smiled at Lindsey. “Over to you.”

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Happy reading,

love Raven x


  1. Happy early Release day to you! This sounds really good! Definitely adding to my TBR pile!

  2. It's a beautiful cover and a wonderful snippet.
    Congrats on your upcoming release!

  3. Over to her indeed. Fab snippet, Raven!

  4. Gorgeous cover, love the snippet, sounds like a fab story :-)

  5. Can't wait to read it! :)

  6. Great snippet and beautiful cover, Raven!