Monday, 13 March 2017

The Gluten free author's guide to goodies—The Forth Inn and The Faerie Tree, Aberfoyle

Today it is a goodie. Actually two goodies so a big fat YES...

As these two hostelries are only a hundred yards or so apart, I've put them into one post.

If you need to be gluten free, you'll definitely get something in one of these.

The Forth Inn (website here ) has one of the best gluten free battered fish I have ever tasted. Along with crispy chips, it is a winner. They also have 'regular' meals that are gluten free, but for me it's the fish nd chips that wins every time.

The Faeries Tree, (fb here ) named after a famous tree just outside the village has lots of gluten free meals. In fact everything except the pies and that's only because the chef wasn't happy with them! If you know you're going and you book, ask if they can do a g-f crumble for pud. It is amazing.

Nothing fancy, nothing over the top, but oh boy good g-f food.

Short and sweet today... But all very much goodie...

Not only happy eating, but a nice wee village to visit, on the edge of the Queen Elizabeth Forest in the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National park in Scotland.

Oh and if you visit between June and October bring your midge repellant.

love Raven x

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