Tuesday, 14 March 2017


I have to thank Doris O'Connor for finding this pic and giving me the idea for my tease. She is using the same picture.


(Source, Pinterest)

The screech of monkeys, the smell of mangroves and heat and… male.
Hot aroused male.
Lissa rested her head on her hands to stare at the lush jungle outside the room and waited.
Heard his footsteps, sensed him behind her, noticed his breath as it ruffled the hairs on her neck.
"So, my pet, how are we?”
She wriggled as he stroked her back. “Better for knowing you are here, Sir.”
“My sweet pet. How well you did. How well you coped with my touch, the wax, the clamps and yes, the swatch. My pet took it all for me.”
“You make it easy, Sir. I want to please you, be yours and do as My Sir asks me.”
“So when I tell you, now is the time to be strong, not grieve but rejoice. Remember the good times and the bad and know it was life?  Remember you were mine will always be mine but now move on? You’ll do it for me?”
She moaned. “I want only you, my Sir. Only you.”
"You had me sweet pet. I’m always yours, just not…”
Lissa opened her eyes. No jungle—her bedroom.

“Just not alive anymore. Only in my memories.”

you can read Doris take on it here

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  1. Such a lovely, yet sad tease. Fabulous!