Sunday, 16 September 2012

Six Sunday from WW2

As my WW2 romance, The Baronet's Blackout Bombshell was released on 14th September from Breathless Press, my six has to come from it.

What a beautiful view, just a mere hint of blond downy hair," he said loud enough to make her blush. The sotto voice comment,   “Down   boy, don’t   explode;  help   her   down   and   then   explode...preferably   in   her,”   had   her   giggling   to   herself.   He   was   nothing  if  not  explicit.
"For Christ's sake Archie," Chrissie burst out, forgetting Archie  had  no  idea  who  she  was.  “Stop  gawking  like  a  barrow  boy  at  my  bits  and  pieces  and  help  me  down!  Can’t  you  see  I’m  stuck  here?”

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