Friday, 21 September 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to...

My lap top.

 I'm one of those people who loves her Mac. He (it?) is almost permanently attached to my arm. I feel undressed without it.

Silly, but true. When my DH treated me to a new lap top I had no idea how it would revolutionize my life. I think he sometimes wonders why he bought it, as it gets plenty of use. (But he loves it when he needs to check something in a hurry. You know best pubs or restaurants, the golf score.) Now he's used to watching TV as I type and I'm used to ignoring the TV. Works well for us.

I'm on my second keyboard, cable, and control pad, and those poor guys in the local you know who shop must cringe when they see my name. Techno-savvy I'm not. But they answer all my questions with patience and don't seem to mind how often they have to explain something.

I told the story in an earlier blog, how I went to the loo on a long haul fight, only to come back to see someone reading something I'd been writing...(and asked the cabin crew to ask me what happened next).

A few weeks ago, DH and I were in theory meeting up at the airport. He was flying long haul back from a business trip. I was flying from London, and we were due to land within five minutes of each other, and drive home. to this end, I'd been very carbon-footprint good and used public transport to get the the airport for my flight south. It was interesting to say the least. Four and a half hours to do a forty minute journey.

So you can imagine how I felt when I got an email.

 Flight cancelled due to hurricane.

Of course, I hadn't taken the spare car keys, so I was feverishly working out if I could even get home by public transport. our village is not well served, when the next emails told me of his new route home. It meant a three hour wait in the coffee shop in the airport but hey, no problem. I love their coffee and gluten free cake.

First though I had my flight. The guy next to me didn't just want the arm rest, he wanted half my seat as well. So I retaliated. He kept snoring and then talking loudly. I got out my lap top and typed. he tried to see...hehe, maybe he should have read it. It was Silver Silk Ties, which has just been accepted by Evernight publishing, and he may well have got a shock. It was a shall we say a hot bit.

Evidently planes and airports must inspire me because once off the plane and in the coffee shop I carried on. Altogether I wrote almost 5k, and finished the story.

It always amazes me though how people want to read what you're typing. it's as if they want to know if they are the subject. Er no, you don't look like my hero. but if you want to read it, I'll give you the link lol

So do you like to peek at what people are typing and writing? Are we all nosy?

and on that note, I'll finish with a link to my web...

Happy Reading


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  1. I know I do it but it's not deliberate. It just kind of happens! LOL!