Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Wow it's Wednesday again... This last week has flown by. As  Seducing the Regency Dom came out this week, I decided I had to take the tease from there...

(Tony and Susanna have just 'enjoyed themselves' st the theatre)

Tony took the saliva-dampened cloth from Susanna's mouth, and kissed her hard. "That, my love, is a prequel if you want. But now we need to make haste." He dipped the cloth into her half full glass of wine, and stroked it over her quim. "You may smell as if you've drunk the bottle, but better than smelling of sex."
She went white. "Oh sweet lord, yes." Her voice was husky, and he passed his wine to her. "Drink this. Your mouth will be dry now. I have better gags but this was a case of make do and use." As she sipped the liquid, Tony accepted he would never drink wine again without remembering this moment. The way her virginal channel enclosed his prick, the resistance her maidenhead put up and then the acceptance of his mastery. He had to have more, and soon.
Tony pulled her dress down and the top of her bodice up. Even though he hadn't given in to temptation and taken her nipple into his mouth, his love mark was clearly visible over the neck of her gown. "Damn, I seem to have left my mark." He traced the red stain with his finger.
Susanna looked down to where his hand rested.
"Ah, I will wrap my shawl around me." She giggled somewhat shakily. "I wondered why so many ladies felt a need for one on a warm summer evening. No wonder the modistes are hard pressed to keep up with the demand for lightweight opaque silks."
Tony nodded. He'd been the welcome customer of several such modistes in the past.

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  1. Ooh, sounds like they just ended quite an interesting romp. Like the idea of smelling like wine over sex. Great tease! :)

  2. Love this story :-)

  3. Ah, so THAT'S why shawls were so popular! Nice tease. Congratulations on the success of Seducing the Regency Dom, Raven. xoxo

    Thanks for teasing!

  4. Ah...the shawl is such a versatile covering. **snicker** Congrats on your release!