Sunday, 2 March 2014

#SexySnippets with Miranda

Having a great week. 

Seducing the Regency Dom is a best seller so a chair swivel jiggle is in order... :)

However I thought I'd tease you with a different Regency story today. This one comes out next Friday...

Meet Miranda. She knows who she wants, but not how to get him. Luckily Miss Simpkins is there to help.

“I need help to seduce someone but it has to be soon, before he offers elsewhere. I have to show him that even though the age difference is great, it matters not, he’s the only one for me,” Miranda said and then sighed. “He will not entertain the thought of us being together in any way. The idiot says I need someone younger, and less extreme—whatever that means. Pfft. We all know it’s the norm for a man to take a younger wife. I have to want the only gentleman of the ton who doesn’t agree with the ideas of the ton."

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Happy Readimg,

Love R x


  1. Interesting. I'll look forward to seeing Miranda get her man. Good luck with the new book and have a great release day.

  2. Love this and the cover, too! This looks like great fun to read.

  3. Very interesting! Looking forward to it :)

  4. Go, Miranda, and make him see sense!

  5. I'm mesmerised by the cover...he looks very familiar... ;)

  6. LOL I like Miranda, clearly she knows what she wants!