Monday, 3 March 2014


Happy Monday everyone...

Let's start the week with a snippet from Miss Simpkins' School: Miranda shall we? It's out this coming Friday, and up for preorder now at Breathless Press, Are and Bookstrand...

“Oh, Miranda, I will be more than enough for you, my dear.” The velvet tones poured over her, and surrounded her with notes of heat and intention. She had never felt so taken in thrall by a voice before. Each word, each nuance, enveloped her and encouraged her body to tingle. His smile was one-hundred-percent sex. Never before had she been the recipient of that expression and it was the most juice-inducing look ever.

“The thorny question is...” Felix paused, and one side of his mouth quirked up in what she thought of as delicious. “Are you woman enough to cope?”

Trust him to turn the tables. It was enough to rile her, and make her unwary. “Well, shall we see?”

Oh so slowly, Miranda took hold of the slender ribbons that crisscrossed her bosom. With a smile that many of her friends would balk at and demand she thought about her actions, Miranda let her fingers trail over the smooth swell of her breasts. “I don’t think there is any fear of that, my lord. You see, I have waited long to talk to you. Yes, just talk. Well.” Miranda tilted her head to one side and then ran her finger–the one that had so recently touched her breast—around her lips. “Of course I am open to anything you offer. However, I have pledged my oath that I personally will only engage you in conversation unless you choose otherwise.”

He shook his wrists and tugged on his bindings. “How can I have a say in the matter? You have me bound and it seems a captive audience. Therefore I have to bow to your pleasure.” 


Hope that's helped you to start the week on a high...

Happy Reading

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