Sunday, 30 March 2014

#SexySnippets with love from Edan in A Dom's Decision

Hi, this is Edan...

Happy #SexySnippets day...

So Athol was worried. Do I mind our story is subtitled Athols Story?
Er no, not at is his story, I'm just lucky to be part of it. Raven has taken her #SexySnippets from A Dom's Decision...( and as I chose which part of the story for Raven to use, our story was an category best that is fantastic...)

Here, I'm ruminating over my life...

One more report and he'd leave. As it was, Absinthe the cat would give him the cold shoulder. Edan chuckled to himself. How stereotypical was he? Gay, on his own, and with a cat for a companion. And anyone who said cats were self-contained and no trouble had never met Absinthe. That cat could make her thoughts and needs known with one meow and a glare.

Yeah, not very hot is it? But our story is...

Happy Reading,

Love Athol and Edan

Oh and Raven...

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  1. Great snippet. Hi, Edan. Congrats on making the category bestsellers.

    1. And happy Mother's Day to Raven. I missed the linky this week but my SS is up

      Kiru Taye Writes

  2. LOL - I know EXACTLY the look they're talking about from the cat :) Love the snippet!

  3. hehehe, love it!

  4. I understand about the cold shoulder from a cat. My Sir Jasper, a cat who once adopted me could make himself easily understood and if the food in the bowl didn't suit he sure let me know. Great snippet.