Wednesday, 2 April 2014

#MidWeekTease Diomhair book one...Secrets Shared

I'm poorly *cue symatherics aww and ahhs please lol*, therefore my aplogies it's late...

But in 12 days time my first book with Totally Bound goes up for pre order, so I reckon a wee tease from there is in order...

David watched as the gorgeous redhead frowned at the way Kath greeted him. It seemed she wasn’t impressed with him. He wondered if she knew how Kath had been about to address him, and if that had anything to do with how she’d reacted? His eyes narrowed into a look designed to make most subs assume the position and shiver in trepidation—or anticipation. She did neither but stared back at him with a bored expression. How he’d like to make her flutter her eyelids and let them close over those deep pools he wanted to drown in.
David grinned to himself at his fanciful words. He had a sudden urge to hear Jess in the throes of passion, giving soft mews and sighs and panting her excitement. He’d bet his new Shibari rope she’d go deep and fast if she let herself. Damned if he didn’t need to rub that insulting expression off her face and replace it with one of arousal. A notion struck him to be rejected as fast as it came. She might say she wasn’t a sub, but she was no Domme either. Nothing about her proclaimed dominant. Not in the way she looked at him or Jeff’s sub. Everything shouted sub, even if it was reluctant. The shiver when he stared, the brief look down—so brief he bet she didn’t even know she’d done it—the way she licked her lips and her nipples stood out against her silk top. All for him? He hoped so. Jeff had warned him Jess wouldn’t be happy, but he hadn’t expected such a show of determined apathy.
“Look, if I have to go to this stupid place, can we get it over and done with?” Jess tapped her toes. “I’ve better things to do with my time than spend it somewhere like that.” And, her tone inferred, with people like David.
 David stared at her until she fidgeted. He looked down at her feet until the tapping ceased then raised his glance to her face once more.
 “Don’t knock what you don’t know, pet.” He used the sobriquet on purpose, and as he’d expected, she bristled. Like a hedgehog, my God, she’s prickly.
“Woof woof, and don’t call me that. My name is Jess, and if you insist on not using it, you can go whistle.”
David wondered just what she’d do if he put her over his knee? If it hadn’t been for the worried expression on Kath’s face, he might well have challenged Jess. Not now, plenty of time for that later.
 “Jess, please,” Kath said in a soft voice. “Argue with Jeff not David. He’s been asked to drive us, nothing else.”
Jess bit her lip.
One day I’ll show you what happens to subs who mutilate themselves like that. Subs? David had never been so certain about something in his life. Not only that, if she opened up and admitted it, he knew damned fine who would be her Dom.
“Well?” He kept his tone harsh, and couldn’t help but enjoy the trickle of satisfaction that filled him as she swallowed hard and eventually inclined her head.
“Fine, okay and under protest. But only so I can tell Jeff where he can shove his investments.” She slid into the back seat and held her handbag across her front like body armour. With an apologetic glance at David, Kath followed her.
He made a mental note to ask Jeff about her later. His remit from the owner of Secrets—he still couldn't get his tongue around Diomhair and used the English word—had been brief. Could he collect his partner and his sister and bring them to the club. Jeff had mentioned his sister was part owner and had never visited before. What he’d neglected to mention was her antagonism. As David drove along the road it hit him in waves.
“Not a chance, Kath. No fucking way. You’re screwy, hell are you expecting me to agree to that? Well sorry and no dice.”
The fierce argument held behind him didn’t add to his hope that not only was she a willing owner, but she might be a willing participant in what happened between the walls of Secrets. And she needs to sort the swearing out. If there was one thing David didn’t like it was foul language coming from such an attractive mouth.
“You’ve got to. Everyone does at first.”
“No, not in a million years.” The statement was emphatic, and he wondered just what Kath had said to Jess. “Then just stop the car and let me out, now.”
A thump on his shoulder made him jerk and wince. It seemed the lady meant what she said and packed a mean punch for emphasis.
He looked in the mirror to see Kath’s distressed face glare at him in a ‘don’t you dare stop’ look. He didn’t.
“Hey are you deaf? I said stop the bloody car.”
 A second, harder thump was enough to make him jerk the steering wheel, and the car swerved. David swore under his breath and controlled it in one swift movement. He began to dream up punishments he’d be more than happy to dish out. Along the lines of the lovely Jessica wide open for him, her hands bound and her ass full.
“Stop it, Jess, you’ll make Mas…er, David crash.” Kath sounded frantic. “Jeff’ll explain, I promise. But I want to get there in one piece.”
So did he. He waited to hear what Jessica said next.
“Then stop the car and let me out or turn round. You can’t ask me to do this, never, ever.”
She sounds scared. What on earth did Kath ask her? Her distress hit him in waves. He wondered if Kat had suggested she dance naked down Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow, or streak at an old firm football match.

After a quick glance in the rear view mirror to check it was safe, David slowed the car. He was anxious to hear what was going on, and pleased he hadn’t activated the privacy screen. For the first time in a long while, David felt a surge of interest and arousal. Somehow, her attitude had got to him, and he wanted, no needed to know why. He was going to go out on a limb and help her get over whatever it was that haunted her, even if it worked against him. She was a mass of contradictions. David was sure she was a sub, and his intuition told him somewhere in her past something so negative had happened to her that she now refused to admit to it.

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