Wednesday, 30 April 2014

#MidWeekTease... Want to share a secret?

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So where else should my tease come from?

“When I get you into my playroom, Jess, will you play? Or will you safe word out before we start? It’s not a room for the fainthearted, and although I promise not to go further than I think you can take, it won’t be a few taps and over session. I’ll push you and make you think—or not think as the case may be. You may hate me, never speak to me again, and God forbid, even try to pull the plug on the club.”
How dare he? She may not be at ease with everything he was telling her, but she wouldn’t be vindictive. “I wouldn’t do that,” Jess said, hurt more than she’d believed possible by his throwaway remark. “I might not be happy with what happens, but I won’t know until I try now, will I? Hell, you might not be happy either, who knows? But I wouldn’t spit my dummy out, or cry, ‘it’s a nasty place, shut it down’. Horses for courses, and all that. It’s just I don’t know what my course is yet.”
“I’m sorry,” David said, in a sincere voice. “That comment was crass and uncalled for. You see, Jess”—he keyed the security code into his door and they walked inside—“I’m unsure as well. What if I’m not the Dom for you? That would shatter me. I might have only known you for what, oh, a few hours, and never ever believed in that instant recognition stuff before, but I do now. And so, believe me, I’m scared, worried, shaking even, that I won’t be able to give you what you need. I’m certain you’re the one for me, but what if I’m not the one for you?”
I never thought of that. On an impulse Jess stood on her tiptoes and kissed his forehead. Why there, she had no idea except it seemed symbolic. There again she had no idea what symbol. Argh, I’m losing the plot here. Can we not just get on with it? She realised David was waiting for her answer.
“Well, unless we try we’ll never know, will we...?” she said, and paused. “Sir.”
The long, level look he gave her made Jess squirm. It was one of deliberation and consideration, and it scared and excited her in equal measures.
lked passed her to a door almost hidden in the wood panelling and busied himself with a keypad hidden under a flap of wood. Jess followed him with her eyes. For some reason she felt glued to the spot. He hadn’t told her not to move, so why did she feel it would be wrong to do so?
Jess wouldn’t have been surprised to see her blood pumping through her veins. Her heart was thumping so hard, she felt like a whole regatta was using her body as a training ground and their oars were working overtime to get them round the course. She knew this room was here, even if it had been no more than another storeroom in her childhood, but fear of the unknown changed everything. How would it have changed? Was it still one large, high-ceilinged, impersonal box? It was only then that Jess realised how she’d magnified her childhood terrors. Fear that came through a fire that had destroyed most of her home and had made an impressionable young girl wonder what magic powers certain areas held to be spared. Now she could see the silly games her imagination had played, but still, it was a giant step.
“Go inside. Take your clothes off and wait for me. If you need a robe until we start, there should be one in the closet. That’s in the anteroom before you go right inside. The playroom is where I’d like you to wait. I’ll be a few minutes. And Jess?”
She looked up at him and swallowed. One hundred per cent Dom. The sight took her breath away and dried her mouth. He hadn’t changed his clothes, it was still David. However, somehow she knew his mindset was different, and he was focused in a way he hadn’t been earlier. It was no game. This was for real.
“Yes, Sir?” Damn I’m sounding like a stuck record now.
“I’m proud of you.”

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  1. Love these two :-)

  2. this sounds like a great story. love the part where she's thinking about her childhood and her fears. thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Oh, this is going to be one great story. :-D

  4. "What if I’m not the Dom for you? That would shatter me." Oh, I really liked this part. Nice tease Raven!

  5. Oh! :D You got me in my happy reader spot, Raven. Great tease. Happy almost release day.

  6. Congrats on the new release! Super tease this week :)

  7. "I’m certain you’re the one for me, but what if I’m not the one for you?” *swoon*

    Thanks for joining the tease this week, Raven!