Friday, 4 April 2014

29 years today...

Ruminations about 29 years of a good marriage.

(source, pinterest)

Note I don't say of wedded bliss, becasue of course we've had our ups and downs, with two people who have very definite ideas, you're definitely going to have that. But deep down, there's been the solid core of love and commitment, and yes, friendship between us. And a understanding we need to meet half way, even if that half way line wavers from one to the other of us.

I honestly feel so lucky. You know the saying you have to kiss many frogs before you fins your prince? True enough. Not that all those frogs were slimy, far from it, just not right for me, or me for them.

When I met my Dh I had one of those lightbulb moments. So this is what a relationship is supposed to be like? I hadn't had that before. (Okay I did think he had a great ass as well, but ahem...)

The first year was very hard (obstacle erecting ex, my parents unhappy with us, no money etc etc,)  but we made it. Two more kids, several cats, umpteen house moves, job shifts, etc here we are.

The lumps and bumps on the way haven't all been easy to get over. Some have been irritants, like loosing a house because the asshole who said he was buying our flat couldn't get a mortgage but didn't tell us. Others more annoying, such as not being allowed to take the day of our 25th anniversary off work, becasue it was Easter. I so could have, as we had staff coming out of the walls, but the boss decided no. We had no option but to celebrate later.

Dh hardly ever remembers the date, becasue to him we were married on Maundy Thursday, which the year we married it was...

(and we both also say our time together is from the first day we lived together,  two and a half years earlier)

But, yes, I'm lucky. and I know it. Thank you Paul xxx

Sadly today, we're both down with the dreaded lurgy, so rather than sharing a bottle of champagne, I reckon we'll be sharing a packet of paracetamol, but there's always tomorrow...or next week...or even one hopes next year.

Aww I feel all lovey-dovey now, but as its kiss...cough..cuddle...choke...I'll have to hold onto the feeling...

Happy Friday everyone,

love R xx

Oh and no there isn't a photo of the happy day, becasue I haven't scanned them. Just think mid-80's hair and you won't go far wrong...