Sunday, 13 April 2014

#SexySnippets Secrets Shared

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Welcome to #SexySnippets. Where we give you a 7 sentence tease from a book or a WIP.
(we're not too exact because let's face it sometimes you need that extra sentence to round the snippet off)

Secertes Shared, book one of Diomhair is up for pre-order tomorrow from so of course I have to pick my seven-ish from there.

Diomhair, a castle in Scotland that houses a very exclusive BDSM club...what happens there, stays there...

“As I was saying, nice, ordinary, safe sex, thank you. Yes, there was a time when I had a female lover, and no, I don’t want one now. Nor do I want whipped, flogged, bound or gagged. Waxed, scored, scratched or whatever else goes on. Not. For. Me.” She knew her breathing was choppy, and it wasn’t just from fear.

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  1. Very intriguing.

  2. Heh, me thinks, she doth protest too much ;-)

  3. she sure?
    Happy new pre-order release!

  4. A No which means Yes? Good one!