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#MidWeekTease with Athol and Edan

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"I'll explain all I know later," Athol said. "It's too much to rush."
Edan nodded. "All set then. Shall we walk, it's only five minutes?" The town wasn't that big.
"Yeah, I've left my car near the cinema, I wasn't sure where, or even if I'd find you to be honest." Athol waited until Edan had locked the door and walked next to him down the corridor. "This was my first choice. I thought you might work late at this time of the year." He didn't say how he knew Edan was still working at the uni, and Edan decided not to ask. It was easy enough to check the staff lists if you were interested. He had a brief flare of hope that maybe Athol had been keeping tabs on him. He had to admit that after the first year or so, when they'd agree to disagree, he'd forced himself not to search the net for Athol's name, in case he found out Athol was settled down with someone who could be everything he wanted. That thought was enough to bring him out in a sweat, and not in a happy, excited, and aroused way.
Edan could smell Athol's scent, the citrus fragrance he had always thought of as all Athol. Once upon a time he'd thought he might wake up and savor that particular perfume each morning, but it didn't happen. Yeah, once upon a time, fairy story maybe, but it wasn't one with a happy ending. Ah well shit happens. He'd done his best to carve out a good life and successful career. However Edan wouldn't care to count how often he'd woken up, rolled over, and put his hand out to feel … nothing.
"Shall we go down Cutthroat Vennel?" Athol used the nickname they'd chosen for a tiny twisting alleyway between two main streets. "Ah, I well remember the times we'd dodge chicken vindaloo and drunken undergrads in there."
Edan chucked. "Oh the good old days, eh? Yeah, why not, the restaurant is just three places along on the left when we get out the other end." He followed Athol and admired the way he walked.  Bloody hell, I've got it bad.  "Nice ass,"
Athol turned round and gave him the finger. "Like you'll get to find out," he said.
Bugger. Edan rolled his eyes in an exaggerated manner. "Sad but true, but it works both ways, you know."
Athol went white and Edan could have bitten his tongue out.
"Sorry," Edan said, quietly. "Feet in mouth syndrome. You make me feel like a gauche teenager on his first date. Wondering if he's going to find out what it's all about and not really knowing what 'it' is."
Athol shrugged. "C'est la vie. I know. We're both too sodding stubborn for our own good. Is this it?" He gestured toward a green door.
Edan nodded and pushed the door open. "Yeah, should be easy to get a table at this time of night. No undergrads around, the tourists are all back in their hotels and the pubs haven't shouted last orders." He was right, there was only one table occupied by an elderly couple who were drinking what looked like tea.
"Well fuck me, you two? I thought the last lot of mushrooms must be dodgy, and I was hallucinating when I saw who walked in. Got over your snits and sorted yourselves have you? About time." Ashok MacAulay, co-owner of Ephnash walked between the tables and gave each of them a bear hug. "So, when's the ceremony?" He looked from one to another, and his face darkened. "Oh shit, you're still up yourselves instead of up each other eh?" He shook his head. "What a bloody waste of hot bods and time. Ah well, I'll heat you up in other ways. Grab a table and plonk your butts."
Edan took one look at Athol and burst out laughing at the same time as Athol.
"That's us told," Athol spluttered as he swung out a chair from a table with no one sitting close by. "Bum on seat, Ede, do as the man said."
Edan obliged. "God, he always was bossy."
"I heard that," Ashok said as he came toward them with some menus. "And I concur. So, you want to see the menu, or do you trust me? Nothing hallucigenic anywhere within sight I promise."
Edan glanced at Athol, who nodded his agreement." Yes fine, and two bottles of Singa please."
"I'm driving," Athol said quickly. "I'll have water."
 Edan could hardly believe how hollow his stomach felt at the words. What had he expected? "I have a spare room if you're interested. No strings." He waited as shivers crawled over his spine, and goose bumps appeared on his arms. Why did it matter so much? He'd said no strings, and he meant it, so it wasn't as if anything more would happen.
After what seemed like an hour, and Edan's nerves were stretched so far he reckoned if anyone touched him he'd screech and hit the ceiling, Athol nodded slowly.

"Then I'll have the beer as well please, Ashok."

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  1. You are such a tease. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. :D

  2. Another fun tease! They're great this week. I really enjoyed Ashok's attitude and how he spoke to the blokes. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Yey, one more sleep! Loved this :-)

  4. Here's to many sales for you tomorrow, Raven! Great tease!