Sunday, 9 March 2014


Happy Sunday everyone. It's time to give you a wee bit of heat...

I'm waiting for edits for A Dom's Decision (Athols Story) which is out later this month, so this #SexySnippet is unedited...

Athol laughed and crossed his legs at the ankles. As ever Edan got an eyeful of the perfectly defined shape of Athol's cock behind the well-worn denim that covered his lower body. It made his mouth dry and his skin prickle. The attraction hadn't faded over the years, just the opposite. Edan moved uneasily on the chair. If that one tiny—okay not so tiny—bulge got him hot and horny, god knows what would happen if he saw Athol's prick in reality. Probably come on the spot.

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Love R x


  1. Are you sure you're not a gay man :) your m/m is always so good. Best of luck with your upcoming release Raven.

  2. I can't wait tp read this story. It's been a long time coming. ;)

  3. Love the humour mixed in with the hotness. Can't wait for this one!

  4. I expect he'll be seeing that prick soon enough...?

  5. Great snippet! That Athol sounds rather hot :)